high PROLACTIN levels
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V - January 24

Has anyone had blood tests done and found they have elevated prolactin levels? We have been ttc and this was the result of my blood test. I'll be taking another one later this week. I was just wondering what this means/how it effected your situation. Thanks!


Momo - January 31

High prolactin usually results in low progesterone which in turn shortens your luteal phase. Do you know how long your luteal phase is? You should have at least 10 days, most dr's prefer at least 12 days.


Marie - February 7

I have an high prolactin levels at time. Will I get pregnant taking the medication prescribed.


TS - February 9

I have had high prolactin levels for several months, also no period because of this. My infertility specialist had me on Dostinex for 3 months to lower prolactin, it worked great, this month I was able to start infertility drug therapy but....on day 12 ultra sound found out Prolactin was back up and follicles were not growing!! Now I'm back to square one! Your dr. will probably recommend MRI to rule out pituitary tumor.


Sabrina - February 11

yes. My prolactin level was 14. What does that mean, and how do I correct it.


Momo - February 14

Sabrina - A level of 14 is not too bad. I believe on average a level below 20 is ok although below 10 will be perfect. I used dostinex too and my level the last time I checked 3 months ago was 10 from 61. Bromocriptine is another type of medication for high prolactin.
Good luck.


margaret doyle - February 25

my prolactin level result was 6727iu
answer to [email protected]
thank you


marcy - March 2

my prolactin level is 75 is this high?


Momo - March 7

Marcy - Yes 75 is too high. I've heard of people over 100 before but it does not really matter by how much, anything above 20 is too high. Prolactin affects progesterone production which in turn affects your LH (days after ovulation) which should be at least 10 to stay pregnant.
Good luck.


TS - March 26

Question for Momo?? Do you know how long it takes for progesterone levels to normalize after getting Prolactin level under control? Also, you said LH should be 10 days, do you mean Luteal Phase, is that the time after you ovulate and before your period??? I'm wondering if I should supplement with Progesterone, any experience with this??? Thanks!


Tami - May 16

If you have high levels they will probably put you on bromocriptine for it. I was on it for about six months and then got pregnant with my son and everything went okay. I am again taking it to see if I can get pregnant again. My levels when I started were 135.


Amanda - May 17

My level is 19.2 and my Dr. feels that is to high he says the normal is 15 and below. This can cause you NOT to "o". Also my thyroid is slow which seems to go hand in hand with the high prolactin.


Mae - May 21

I was told by my doctor that I have an extremely high prolcatin level the same as if i were pregnant but as long as I was still having periods and as my progesterone levels were normal as they were also tested it shouldn't be a problem at this stage. If it does disrupt you periods then it is easily treated and does not make you infertile. So do not worry :)


Michelle - May 30

If I am doing IVF do I need to lower my prolactin level which is now 80?


Amber - May 30

Hi ladies,
I also have high prolactin levels along with a pitituary tumor. My doctor discovered this when I was having irregular periods. Since that time I have been on Bromocriptine (which didn't seem to bring my levels down to normal) and now I am on Dostinex. I still was not regular on the Bromocriptine and this will be my first full month on Dostinex so we will see what happens. I suggest that you go see your Doctor to rule out a pitituary tumor....there can be complications with pregnancy if you do have one and it's not treated correctly. Also, if your doctor wants to put you on medication to normalize your levels, my suggestion would be to ask for Dostinex....apparently this is suppose to be better and with quicker results. With some people, Bromocriptine doesnt work.... I found this out after 2 years - I have no idea why they wouldn't just start us off on the one they know will work better!! Go Figure! ;)


Trudy - June 8

hiya, I have had high prolactin for about two 1/5 years. I have been diagnosed with a pituatary tumor. have been on dostinex (cabergoline) which has helped bring prolactin down to a safe level. About three months ago, my partner and I wanted to conceive. i spoke to the specialist and he said everything would be fine for a pregnancy. We got pregnant on the second try. I have had to stop the meds while pregnant and I will need to restart straight after bubs is born. The only draw back is that I may not be able to breastfeed. But I am still happy that I was able to conceived naturally without much hassle.


Amber - June 9

Hey Trudy,
That is GREAT news!! Congrats! I hope I am as lucky and am quick to get pregnant. This will be my first full month on Dostinex so hopefully things get back to normal levels and everything is fine! :)



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