Got AF & You Are Down?? Come In Here!!
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sherry - October 20

iam down! got af yesterday, and HARD to! lots of pain and bleeding, and i had some hope this cycle. it blows!! dh doesn't understand, so i don't talk to him so much about it, i turn to you ladies! anyone else in my boat....if so come in here! we can be cycle, buddies...hugs, sherry


Jamie - October 20

Sherry - I really thought this was my month too - af came today!! This just gets harder and harder each month to go through. Talked to doctor and I guess we are trying another month of clomid. I just hope that I get pregnant soon...


nina - October 20

To sherry and jamie-----I go through this every month!I just know every month that i am pregnant but then i get my period.I just dont understand! We have all got to stick together men just dont understand.I have never tried any pills to help or anything like that i think i should be able to pregnant by just having sex everyday.I need buddies please help me and i will help you all! Wny do all my friends get pregnant when they do not want to and i cannot and thats what i want?


nina - October 20

I forgot to ad i have not got af this month but i am cramping so i know it wiill be soon.


sherry - October 20

GOOD! we'll all stick together. right now iam on CD2, how bout you all. we'll keep track of eachother, k?

ya know what, if i wasn't bleeding so darn hard, i'd sware i was pregnant, cause i even am naseous! never had that with af before, but nope :(

i did clomid 1 time jaime, and i have a daughter from it, so keep trying it. it will work for you! i actually started out with a twin pregnancy, but lost 1 of the babies. i had a son when i was 19, but he passed away from luekemia last august, at 9 1/2 years old, plus i had one chemical pregnancy, so i know what loss is like. i guess it's good to know i can get pregnant, but those losses hurt alot, especially the son i had for all that time. the month he passed away was the same month i lost a baby to miscarriage. irony or cruelty i don't know, but it would have been great to think that maybe my son, brought me a new life to help me deal with the loss, and make august, not such a horrible month for me, ya know? oh well....

anyway, i'd love to say iam still 29 (like fran drescher always says from the nanny) lol, but gulp, 2 weeks ago, i turned the dreaded 30, but my hubby is 12 years older, so we don't have all the time in the world ya know. i know 30 isn't old, but iam wondering where the heck my 20's went to, lol.

nina, you are right...we gotto stick together, cause men "try", but never, ever fully understand the depression we feel when af shows each month. it's like a knife thru the heart, and they just think, "oh my wife is moody again". at least we got eachother to turn to. if they had a womb, the yearning, and bigger hearts they'd understand.

we are going au-natural this time, hoping we won't need any pills, or treatment. i kind of pushed him into the clomid thing cause i wanted a baby so bad, and he got sick of hearing about it, but he was really freaking over the thought of multiples. i had 5 eggs, so i could have had 5 babies. boy would he have no hair right now, if we did. i mean drugs and treatments are great, but if you can get by w/o them, that;s terrific, but it's also a great thing that they are there, and heck if your insurance covers it, i say go for it, IF you feel you want to go that route. i know in a year or so, i'd go there again, and take my chances.

also nina- when i was pregnant, i had lots of cramping, and would sware af was coming. i was checking the toliet paper for blood up until 6 weeks pregnant, it just felt so close and real, so don't count yourself out till the fat af lady sings, cause it is a common symptom of pregnancy. that was one of the reasons why i was more hopeful this month!''

stay strong girls! we'll all get our BFP'S soon!

luv, sherry



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