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Casie - May 23

Lynn, I would love for Helen to have stayed too!! I also wonder how Carrie is doing. I know that this 2ww is torture. Just think. It will be over soon. I know it must be hard for you to hear about other women being pregnant. It was always hard for me. Now I am trying to deal with the fact that my husband is having his vasectomy this Thursday. I am truly blessed to have two wonderful children, but it is hard to know that from this point forward children will not be an option. It is such a permanent decision, and I am only 27 (almost 28 ~ in July). Let me know how things are going.


Lynn - May 23

Casie, I know it is hard but just is fixable if you all change your mind. I am 38 so you can understand my panic. It is hard hearing people having babies all around me but I have to face the facts and may never have the chance. Let me know how you hubby fairs. Just think recovery is faster for him than you. Talk to you soon.


Lynn - May 23

Hey are things going?


Casie - May 30

Lynn, things are fine here. Sorry I don't respond quickly right now. When I go back to work, that will change. Things are fine here. He is quite sore. I know that it can be reversed, but I also know that he does not want any more children. I agree/disagree. I think I always will be on the fence. I understand what you must be going through. At first, my husband was completely against fertility treatment. I understood that I would probably not have kids unless we tried. That was a hurdle to overcome. I am just accepting things for the way they are and enjoying what I have. There is no use stressing over this. How are you doing? June 1 is soon. I have my six week checkup that day. Hope all is well.


Lynn - May 30

Hey Casie, I am glad things went well. As for me...I am just waiting. In my gut I do not think this "natural" cycle did anything. Once AF arrives, I can call RE and get my meds. He is going to fund my meds so I can pay for an IUI. I got pregnant last time with IUI, it just implanted in my tube. I am hoping soon we have some luck. I do not know how long I can keep hubby plugging away. He wants my fream to come true but...he is tired of all the money we have soaked into this. I understand his point is harder for me to give up my dream. I will keep you posted.


Casie - May 30

Lynn, I can only imagine the cost of everything you have gone through. My husband and I struggled the with our son. I prayed the final month and said that I did not feel we could go on past that month. Luckily, we did not have to. We were fighting about money and the cost of everything so much that it probably would have wreaked havoc on our marriage had we not conceived that month. Keep in there. I am glad that the doctor is supplying the meds. That is wonderful!!


Lynn - May 30

Casie, cd 27 for me and I have no feelings either way. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.


Casie - June 1

Lynn, my thoughts and prayers are with you as tomorrow approaches.


Lynn - June 1 28 today and nothing yet. I'll keep you posted.


esmerelda - June 1

hi carrie,
this question is for you , are you pregnant? if so, is this your first attempt at ivf, are you pregnant with twins. i am thinking of doing ivf soon.


Casie - June 2

Lynn, I would like to share some more photos with you, but I do not want to post the link on here. If you would like, you can e-mail me at [email protected] That way we can stay in touch always and you can also see our family photos. By the way, how did today go?



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