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Lynn - February 11

We are the chicks who began in Follistim and then went to follistim II....we are now moving to a new name to cover all of us......everyone began with follistim and some have had the chance to move onto IVF.....come join us.


Carrie - February 11

Lynn- I'm here! Any news with you?


Mari - February 11

Hi girls, i'm here as well. Getting ready for the winter storm heading towards the north east. I guess i can't complain because it has seemed like spring this winter. hope everyone is well.


helen - February 11

hi girls...Mari, when do you begin your IVF? are you still on Lupron to control endo? Carrie, don't give up hope yet. it's not over till it's over...remember, i had the same thoughts as you and i got an unexpected surprise, so don't give up have a great chance will all those follies. Lynn, thanks for starting this new thread. the other one was getting so long. how are you doing? still no AF right? what cd are you on? as for myself, nothing new to report. i'm just waiting ever so impatiently for my 1st u/s. i pray to God that everything will be perfect. i'm so nervous!!! time is just crawling at a snails pace. Okiejpb, haven't heard from you in a while...hope everything is great with you.


Lynn - February 11

No news to report here girls. I am on cd 29 and no signs of anything either way. I did take a HPT yesterday and it said BFN so I know the HcG is out of my system but I have had a BFN then a BFP so I never give up until AF shows. Helen...I cannot wait until your news on the 15th. Please post when you can so we know. Are they going to do some more blood with ultrasound? When do they release you to your OB? check back news? Mari...where are you in your process? later girls..


Carrie - February 11

No news yet( I'm on cd 24). I might actually make myself crazy this month though. I am reading everything into what is going on with my body. Normally I have a bit sore boobs and cramping prior to AF.. Don't have any of this yet so of course I'm think "what could that mean", etc. Your right Helen I did have good follices this month so I haven't lost hope yet..just want really bad for this to be the month. Lynn- have you been pretty regular with your cycles? Maybe this is your month! I haven't decided if I will do a HPT. RE told me to do it Monday but I think that is still too early, and I have had regular 28 day cycles since being on this stuff. Anyway, Helen everything is going to be fine and you are going to be so happy and relieved when you know for yourself. I'll be thinking about you!


Lynn - February 11

Hey Carrie....I am a cd 35 girl even on these drugs sometimes. I am usually pretty regular in getting AF 2 weeks after HcG shot if I am not pregnant. Last month however it was 16 days after shot so now I am a little messed up. So I am beginning not to look into anything. Keep us posted. Just takes one good follie and one good swimmer. Mari....have you gotten hit by the snow storm yet? Where do you live? Okiejpb...I hope your doing okay and we will hear from you soon. Helen...counting down the days with you.


Carrie - February 12

Hey ladies.. I'm having a really hard day today...emotionally. I think things are finally starting to take their toll. If this doesn't work I don't know how much longer I can gp through with all this. At the end of the month it is offically 2 full years of TTC.. I just need a little pick me up!


Lynn - February 12

Carrie....dont give up. You will have goo and bad days/weeks/months but it will get better. This month is has been 3 years since we began this whole process. I know where you are coming from. I have made it through a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy. Somedays I think...I cannot do anymore and then I feel like I should have a chance to raise my own child. If we are not pregnant by June 2006, I will stop going to RE and basically just chill in the baby making dept. I believe it has taken it tolls on me also but please do not give up. I wish I had better advice but I can relate to what your feeling. Cheer up Carrie...we are all here to support.


helen - February 12

hey girls...Carrie, i know how hard this road to infertility has been. i've been ttc for over 2 years, and each month was so difficult to face. it does seem hopeless and so emotionally draining. i didn't have sore bbs at all this cycle...not until days after i found out. maybe that's a good sign. is IVF not an option for you at all? Lynn, NO, don't give up until you finally get the baby you so deserve. girls, i know how difficult this whole process has been but don't give up until you've tried absolutely everything. Lynn, send the application and see what happens. i myself have struggled these past couple of days. who'd ever thought that finally after a bfp, i'd still be so worried. i should be elated but i can't seem to get over the anxiety...i pray to God that i will have a healthy baby after 9 months. this is what dealing with infertility has caused...some screwed up emotions. i'll be praying for you girls to have strength and the babies you all so deserve. it is extremely hard and not every women can endure what we have to endure. we are a group of strong women, and we're very special!!! don't ever forget that. i'm sending you tons of baby dust!!!!!


Lynn - February 13

Helen.....thanks for the pep talk. I dont knwo when the time comes if I will really give up but...the thought has been lingering for a while. I am planning on one month at a time for now. I figure I am going to try this way until summer and then if nothing....look into that site a little more that you sent and see if that is somethign we can do. Somewhere it said something about helping people who do not make more than $65,000.00. If that is the case, we make just over that which sucks. Oh well...enough of this are pregnant and we are celebrating and wnjoying this time. is going to happen girl, do not give up. Okiejpb...are you doing okay? Mari....hey girl. Talk to y'all tomorrow


Mari - February 13

Hi Girls, i'll probably not be able to do IVF because of the costs. and iui is not helping because all the meds are causing the endo to come back. I'm on lupron right now and will probably get my af in a couple of weeks. my dh and i have decided to go natural for a while. I was on fertility meds for a year and ttc for 18 months i definitly need a break. I would have really loved to do ivf but unfortunatly i probably wont. Oh well, hope all goes well for all of us. Helen - keep us posted i'll be thinking of you on wednesday, hope your well. Lynn - i'm in Belleville close to NY. the total hear was 22 inches of snow, brutal lol.. did you get any snow? how are you? hope af hasn't showed her ugly face. Carrie - i now exactly how you feel it's been almost 3 years for me, don't give up hope, i believe we will all have a bfp this year.


Lynn - February 13

Mari.....I can relate to the IVF cost. That is just not something in our future. AF showed today (which I was kind of expecting) so...we will do 1 more cycle of femara before going back to injections. Seeing my insurance no longer covers IUI's, that is no longer in our cards either. Carrie...any signs? Helen....only 2 more days. What time is your appointment? Mari...I am in NC now and have been for 9 years. I used to live in Pittsburgh, PA so I know all about snow. We got nothing here in NC which is perfectly fine with me. I am not really a snow/cold person. talk to y'all tomorrow.


Carrie - February 14

Well Happy V-Day to me.. AF is here..two days earlier. Totally bummed and upset, and not really in the mood to post. I hope you ladies have a wonderful holiday and thanks for all your kind words and support. I'll post when I know what is happening, if anything, next.


Lynn - February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!! Carrie....I am SORRY!!!!! PLEASE do not give up just yet. Is it needed to do an IUI? If not, can you take the injections and do it the old fashion way? Maybe that would give some luck. I so wish and thought this was it for you. I am sorry. Helen.......let us know what happens tomorrow with you u/s. Okiejpb...what is happening? I am on cd 2 and going to RE on 24th to see if eggs are on left side. check back later.


helen - February 15

hi girls...Lynn, Carrie, i am so sorry for your AF showing up!!! it doesn't get any easier does it? i am so sorry, i thought that this would be the month for both you girls. Lynn, i hope all your follies will be on the left this coming month. it will happen, it has before and it has to again!!! Carrie, what does your RE have to say? please don't give up. i know that this is not much of a consolation, but, you are still young and you still have time...i know each time it takes so much out of you emotionally, but you have to stay strong. Okiejpb, where are you? have you started your cycle? Mari, so what's next for you in March. i hope all the endo cleared up. did you say you had a lap a few months ago? i read that propolis (it's derived from bees) helps with endo and 60% of women who tried propolis for 6 months have gotten pg. google it and see what you find. every bit helps and if it can help you, it's worth a try. i'm so nervous about my u/s, i don't think i can sleep tonight. big hugs to you girls!!!!


Carrie - February 15

Well saw the RE this morning. We are going to try it one more time. follistim at 150 and the IUI. We also talked about IVF today. The total cost will be $11,000.00 and that covers everything. I don't know..I'll post more later..students are coming in



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