Early 20's and trouble concieving
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jg - December 19

My husband and I tried for five years (since i was 22) to get pregnant. Due to endometriosis we were told it would not happen. During those five years i had five ivf attempts, multiple operations, investigations, etc. Finally had another op and was given medication to stop ovulation so my body could heal from the endo......eight months later got a period, took clomid and BANG, pregnant straight away. We were blown away. I did five home tests and one at the doctors to make absolutely sure the positive result was right. We had tried just about everything we could, including specially formulated herbal formulas. I don't think I could have cried any more during those years of heartache. My little boy is six months old now and we still look at him with disbelief. I don't regret anything we tried during those years (harsh though some of the treatments were) because now we have our precious little man. As fas as you can, keep trying, and trying, and trying. Don't give up. You just never know.


Gem - December 19

Just to let you all know my friends baby is due in 2 1/2 weeks but it took her a year to concieve after coming off of the contraceptive pill. She is only 23 so it just shows it can take quite a long time even if you have nothing wrong with you. I am 21 and I had the implanon taken out at the beginning of september. We have not been having loads of sex but I am not using any contraception when we do and have not fallen pregnant yet. I think that if you become too obsessed with getting pregnant it will only stress you out and come between you and your partner. Have any of you tried using ovulation sticks? I have just bought some and have used them for a couple of days now and they have said I am not ovulating yet. I am going to use one again today as I should be ovulating around now. I bought them off of e bay for about £4 for 5 ovulation tests and 2 pregnancy tests.


itsapinupthing - December 19

hello everyone again! i love to read this thread. your in my prayers "Leiabug", but please let us know what happens. "jg" thank you for your story it's very helpful and gives me hope. So I decided to start this month instead of wating any longer. I was "O" on the 17th(saturday) so my hubby and i tried everyday twice a day! It fun to try....hehe I'm due for AF on New Year's day 01/01/06......so now all we have to do is keep trying and wait( which is the worst part) so hear i go wating and waiting and waiting......bay dust to ALL!!!!!


Char - December 20

Hey all.... I am 23, My dh and I have been trying for a little over a year now. We have tried vitex and we ovulex. One thing that ovulex did was bring my periods every month. Sometimes I went for 6-9 months without a period. It is tough seeing all my best friends have babies or getting pregnant and not being able to explain why we haven't conceived yet. My dh is now starting to see all his "buddies" with sons and daughters and is starting to feel the stress of trying. he is also noticing all the babies at the mall and all the pregnant women walking around. He thinks that there is just more than usual, I had to explain to him that it only seems like that because he is starting to notice and want... ha... Anyway, it is nice to see that other women in my age range are here with the same troubles... !


Lori - December 20

Well i will be 21 on january 30th and stilll no baby.I have been trying 8 months now.


medi12 - December 20

I am also TTC. .. Im 28 and my DH is 30. We have been TTC for 8 months. I went to the Dr to see if there was anything we could do to assist the process. Turns out that I have endometriosis and I am going in for surgery / laparoscopy. So- based on my experience...... I would ask all ladies who have been TTC to no avail, to see if you have any of the following symptoms.

Pain during intercourse, pain before and during menses ( sharp pain, or dull - that feels like ovulation), lower back pain, constipation or diarrhea during menses.

These are signs that I was unaware of, and never associated with the timing of my cycle. I thought I was simply a "baby" when it came to pain.

I have also heard that if you ever had Chlamydia, that can cause scarring as well, that you may not even be aware of. You can have CHL for up to 10 years with no symptoms... and if you ever took antibiotics for anything, that would have cleared it up. It doesnt however take care of the scarring that could cause the infertility issues.

Soo-- my entire book later ....... I would suggest for anyone getting a bit worried or concerned to go to review the symptoms for Endometriosis.... and ask for a blood test to confirm neg results for STD antibodies.

At least rule these out before you go through expensive IVF procedures.


Leiabug - December 20

Well cycle day 38 and still no AF, my so called symtoms seemed to have gone away...sorta...my nipples still hurt to the touch but now nausea, but my temperature is still high 99's, blue veins are there but maybe they just always where...and i dont pay enough attention to my boobs..well i am stil taking the vitex and pre natals so well see...my problem is i have been to the Dr. and they did an internal ultrasound and a ton of blood work and said.."well your normal, keep trying its probably coming of you BCP's" so now i just have to keep trying.... My husband thinks there are more pregnant woman and babies around then ever, and I to had to convince him that its just that he is finally trying...lol...


itsapinupthing - December 21

that is so cute your husbands notice the babies and PG women....my hubby is not there yet. Today I woke up with verys sore boobs,but it's 10 days until my AF(01/01/06) I have been having cramping since I "O" on 12/17/05,but not sure why and I keep thing its all in my head. I'm scared it's not gonna happends this month and I'm going to cry a lot. Is anyone else due for AF on the first of january?


ashlee - December 21

hi everyone. im 19 yrs old. (sorry i dont fit into your early 20's catagory) i have been with my fiance for almost four years. we have been ttc for 10 months now with a m/c in june. -iITSAPINUPTHING, my af is due around 1st jan somewhere, maybe a couple of days earlier, im not sure. i know how you feel, i have already gotten myselft ready for the bad news. i spent all yesterday crying.... i dont know why! i usually will cry and be upsetl all day the day i get af, not before. i guess this month i just have a very strong bad feeling that im not going to be pregnnat. its nearing what would have been my due date if i hadnt had my m/c. (its still about 7 weeks away) but the last two nights ive had dreams about being pregnant. the first one was i foudn out i was preg. adn the other one was i was in labor and ready to give birth. the dreams are so lovely until reality bites back at me!!!!!! so itsapinupthing, we can wait together and cry together if we have to. i really hope this is it though!!!! for both of us and everyone else here!!! May all your christmas wishes be answered!!! let me know how you go ok xx baby dust!


Leiabug - December 22

Well CD 39 and i have no clue when i might get my AF, i wish I would just get it and have a normal womanly cycle like every other femal, but no such luck. Well I tested today and of course BFN. Latley on TLC babies Special delivery has been on like one after another. I dont know why i torture myself watching one after another i just do. I tell myself, im just gonna forget about it and let it happen, but that is such a lie its still always on my mind. When i take a test i think, I know its going to be BFN but I still secretly hope its a pos. and get hurt when its not...what a vicious cycle..Ashlee, no worries where all still in the same age range and have the same concerns...thats why where here, for support.


itsapinupthing - December 22

Oh Ashlee I got tear in my eyes whne I read your post, I know exactly how you feel. Today when my hubby and I drove towrk he told me he had a dream about my labor, that he was running around worried and happy at the same time and screaming "I'm going to be a daddy, I'm going to be a daddy" and he said all my family was there too. I'm tried holding back my tears but as i write about it, I can't help,but cry.......Thank you ashlee for wating with me, you don't kow what this means to me. So a small update on how i'm feeling. I'm still crapimg everyday, I wake up dieing of hunger, I could not sleep for the life of me last night, I woke up at least every hour, which I never do unless i have my period because I'm unconfortable. My boos are killing me,but this usually happens when it time for AF,but it's really weird because I'm still like 9 days away from AF and they only hurt 23 day before AF for about a day or so. God I hope I am and then again I'm thinking I'm not and I should get my hopes up. *sigh*
Leiabug I'm so sorry your cycle is not normal, but my sister-in-law always had weird cycles, like when she was 14 she got her 1st period and then didn't get another one until she was 16,but thank God she was able to have 2 little ones. I can happy hunny just got to keep trying, I'm pulling for you :)
Happy holidays to all


To Leiabug - December 22

As young as you are, this is probably a male factor problem. If you have not had his sperm tested, that should be your next step.


Lori-to medi12 - December 22

Wow that is exactly what my doc said about me those are my symptoms and they feel like preg symptoms.I think i have endo?Talk to me more about this!


to itsapinupthing from lori - December 22

I am having the exact same symptoms this month this has never happened before.


ashlee - December 22

You people are so beautiful. When i read your posts it gives me such a warm feeling. ITSAPINUPTHING, ur so sweet, thats no problem waiting with you, its good knowing someone else is there who completely understands what is going on . You'd never think anything could make us so fragile, but we can do it. we can get through this. And isnt it so much easier when you have someone to go through the good and the bad with? (hopefully there will be more good than bad for both of us!!)maybe your dh's dream and mine too meant something? That it may be sooner than we think? who knows, and thats the part that really sucks. all this not knowing. i think that is what is killing me the most. actually im getting a bit crampy now... well its more like sharp twinges really down low... my iboobs arent sore, so thats not a good sign. they dont really get sore before af. (if they do its not much) i just have to get myself ready and prepare myself for that dreaded aunt flo to show her ugly face. Your sore boobs may be a good sign that you could have a belly bump soon (not wanting to get your hopes up, just trying to give you some hope...which we all need alot of lol) From now on im just going to prepare myself for af, then when the time comes round and i do get af, maybe i wont be as disapointed and upset.... im feeling alot better than the other day now that my dreams are a bit vague now and not constantly on my mind. every now and then flashes come back and i can feel my belly sink. and it dosent help that i know a 16 year old girl who flahses her 7 month preggo gut in my face every time she sees me.....


Brittany - December 23

Ashlee, don't be jealous of that 16 year old. I used to think the same thing. My husband and I have been trying for a year. I am 21 and so frustrated and it seems that everyone around me is pregnant and having babies. One person I know found out she was pregnant after we had started trying and is now pregnant again, both not planned. Talk about frustrating. But alot of the people who are having unplanned babies, I feel kindof bad for because it wasn't planned. I feel really good to be able to tell my baby just how wanted it was....



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