Early 20's and trouble concieving
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Leiabug - December 8

I wanted to talk to other women who are in their twenties and are having trouble concieving. I am 22, married and have been trying for 4 months now to concieve. I stopped my BCP about 4 months ago, had short AF then 65 days without one only to be brought on by provera, and now i am trying agian I am due for AF is it was a 28 day cyle Dec. 11 but it doesnt feel at all like it would come and we have done the deed at least every day or every other day and their is zero symptoms so i dont know what is wrong with my body...i always just assumed that since i had been trying to avoid it for so long that when i wanted it it would just happen..i am so bummed.


Lori - December 8

leiabug you sound just like me.I am 20 i will be 21 in a month.I have been ttc for 7 months now with no luck at all.My periods are always normal right on time every time.I have been married 7 month and we wanted to get pregnant then but no luck with that.We have been trying since our honey moon.I do not understand why this is so hard i thought it would be easy to but not for me.I am due for af 10th-15th what about you?


Jazzy - December 8

I am 23 married and have been trying to conceive for a little over one year...i also take provera to bring on period..and i take clomid to ovulate well this was the first month with clomid..without bcp or provera i never have a period!!! but i am hoping that this will fix problem and give me a little bundle of joy


Leiabug - December 8

Hi ladies good to find some people in my age group who share the same frustrations. My husband and i were just married the day after thanksgiving...it has been three years in the makeing , so we decided to start trying shortly before the wedding figuring it would work right away and i wouldnt show to much and all would be great. well yeah that didnt happen but we did get married and our estimated O was the day after our wedding so we figured that would be a very happy honeymoon..well im due dec. 11th but nothing seems to feel either preg. or like AF...JAZZY i didnt know you could just not have a period....i figured every girl had one some time...im nervous now...before BCP i had regular ones and now none....the DR. did all sorts of tests ultrasound etc. and said my hormones and everything looks fine ....ugghh...so why wont it work! Lori are you using any meds...have you seen a dr....hearing other peoples story helps all of us try and see more into ours. **Baby dust** JAZZY when is AFdue


d - December 8

i am also 22 and have been with dh for 3 yrs. we have been trying for 13 months now with no luck. i also thought that because i waited that when i was ready it would just happen. i have noticed that alot of women have had trouble ttc after being on the BCP for a while...i never used any type of birth control except condoms, so i know it's not that (for me). so far my dr has told me i'm fine so my dh is going to get a SA done soon to see if maybe he's got slow swimmers or something. have you been to a dr yet?? definitely get tested so you know what is or isn't wrong...plus it will put your mind at ease if you know how to solve the problem (if you have one)-you know? well good luck and lots of baby dust to you!


Amanda - December 8

hey leiabug..hi im 21 years old too and having the same problem, i always told myself i didnt want no kids at this time in my life but i do, and its hard bc you think that maybe u would have had the chance of concieving before and u didnt, but when u want to have a kid u cant!!! if you need anyone to talk to im here cause im going thro the same stuff!!! good luck to you gurl!!


jAZZY - December 8

I use to have regular periods when i was younger then they became scarce and now with provera i never have them, i am going to begin metformin also and that helps with af as well..i know how frustrating this is because i feel the same way but its good that your doctor ran all of tests and came back okay


Leiabug - December 9

what does metaformin do? Is it like provera....Its so confusing because im not overweight, im not underweight...and im younge?Another girl at the school i teach at is 25 and has been trying for 5yrs and complains (which i feel for her)...but she smokes like nobodies business and drinks and just doesnt take care of herself...so i see how she could be affecting her fertility but i dont do any of that...and still not luck but its only been 4months i really need to try and look at the bright side, at least its not 5years...by the way hi to D and AMANDA...


Ashley - December 9

hey all...i am 24 and have been ttc for 10 months, after being on bcp for 10 years. i have been having wacko cycles since going off the pill and then m/c in june. had af in july and august, and then not again until november...hoping that this time was it! you know, i tried so hard to not get pregnant in high school and college, i figured when i was ready, it would be almost immediate...guess i was wrong!


D - December 9

hey leiabug...how are you doing? i'm on cd21 and i usaully have a 28 day cycle. i dont smoke or drink, but dh does smoke a pack a day and drinks occasionally...which we've gotten into it about because i think it's part of the problem as to why we've had such a hard time ttc. i feel bad for being so impatient though because i know some women on here have been trying for 5 yrs +, but i'm just tired of getting my hopes up every month just to be let down when af shows up...it's a very draining process that we go through! i wish this wasn't so complicated. some times i think that if i just stopped trying so hard that it would happen, but at the same time i'm nervous that if i do, i wont get pg and will waist time by trying to wait it out. <<<sigh>>> maybe i'm the reason we're not getting pg??? i've just really been stressing over it the past couple of months because we have now hit our 1 year mark (which is when dr's say you're officially having infertility problems) and was really hoping it would happen before that. i tried to tell myself i wasn't going to think about it this month and that i would just relax and enjoy the holiday season, but i just cant stop thinking about it. i'm going to try a little harder this next year to relax a little more though and take things day by day until dh and i can get down to the root of our infertilty problem and fix it. well i hope that you can get down to the bottom of yours soon too...hopefully you dont have to go through this as long as i have. good luck to you!


Leiabug - December 10

Hey girls...D i know just how you feel...i feel bad being so impatient to, when I have only been trying for about 4 months but i think that impatients stems from frustration...why...wont it happen? Such a short question with no real answers..and that is entirely frustrating...i feel like i have done most or what i wanted to do...fall in love, travel, get a degree, a job, get married and now i want to start a family...and its the one thing i dont have control over and that is hard to swallow. I just expected it to be easy...Well at least you get periods D...i am losing it because it seems I have stopped getting them...If i were on a 28 day cycle i should start tommorow, but i can tell i wont and i tested neg...go figure...but i knew it would be...no symptoms nothing...well i guess its day by day


Leiabug - December 10

hey ashley sorry to hear about you troubles but your in the right forum...when you say wacko cycles do you get yours naturally or do you have to use meds to bring them on...does anyone know if you use meds..do they just bring your period or do them make you ovulate to?


Jazzy - December 10

provera only brings your period on then you have to take something like clomid to make you ovulate//but if your issue is pcos then metformin can bring your cycle and make you ovulate


Ash - December 10

I am 24 & am trying for 7 months. i had a miscarriage in march. i even had cd 3 blood tests & they were normal. my Dr has ordered a semen analysis test for my husband, but we would like confirm if these tests are included in insurance. Does anyone have any idea if the fertility tests & fees of fertility expert are covered? All the best Ladies!


leiabug - December 11

sorry ASH i have no idea if fertility is covered on insurances...but i would assume you could call the 800 numbre for you insurance and find out. Well CD 28 has come and gone and now period so i guess i wont have a 28 day cycle this month...im on CD 30 still BFN...


Ashley - December 12

hey leiabug...when i got off the pill in feb, i had a period like normal. then no period for a few months. in june, i had a m/c. regular periods in july and august and then nothing for a while again. i went to see a RE in november. they told me it looked like i was not ovulating regularly (only sometimes) and they were going to run a couple of tests and then put me on clomid to help me ovulate (ended up starting my period that same day!) anyways, when my pap came back abnormal, they told me i have to go get a colonoscopy before the RE clinic will see me anymore...SO FRUSTRATING! i have been trying to chart my temps and use opks this month but it really isnt helping!


Michelle - December 12

Hello to all... im 22 and I have been tryin to conceive for almost a yr now. I was on bc for about 3 yrs. Went off it because I got tired of taking it. I ended up getting pregant fast. But sadly miscarried at 10 weeks. After that.. my body was all wacked out and I had to take provera to bring my period because my cycles were soo weird. My doc. told me that I am not ovulating and it was my choice to go back on bc to regulate my cycles or if i wanted to take clomid. Well, my husband and I want to have a baby and after I talked to a family member about my problem, she suggested I take a natural herb pill. She says it would help me get preg. She told me that she had been trying go get pg for 10 yrs and after she started taking it she got preg. Im still a bit skeptical about it, but I would really like to be preg. again. Has anybody else heard about this or tried something similar?



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