Early 20's and trouble concieving
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Michelle - December 12

Hello to all... im 22 and I have been tryin to conceive for almost a yr now. I was on bc for about 3 yrs. Went off it because I got tired of taking it. I ended up getting pregant fast. But sadly miscarried at 10 weeks. After that.. my body was all wacked out and I had to take provera to bring my period because my cycles were soo weird. My doc. told me that I am not ovulating and it was my choice to go back on bc to regulate my cycles or if i wanted to take clomid. Well, my husband and I want to have a baby and after I talked to a family member about my problem, she suggested I take a natural herb pill. She says it would help me get preg. She told me that she had been trying go get pg for 10 yrs and after she started taking it she got preg. Im still a bit skeptical about it, but I would really like to be preg. again. Has anybody else heard about this or tried something similar?


K - December 12

Michelle, I've heard of natural herb drugs, but like with everything you buy over the counter, be careful!! What is the name of the herb?


leiabug - December 12

hey ASHLEY what is an RE clinic, i have had to go threw the whole abnormal procedure, colposcopy, biopsy, and a LEEP procedure, and it was frustrating..well your crazy cycle sounds alot like mine..i am going to buy a fertility monitor to try and make some sense out of my cycle... I have heard about vitex or fertilaid as a natural means to concieving, has anyone ever had experience with them. I tried charting and OPK for awhile but it was hard and i had diffrent brands of OPK saying opposite things at the same time..i was so confused.


Ashley - December 12

leiabug-RE stands for reproductive endocrinology (basically just the fertility clinic). what happened when you had your colonoscopy? Biopsy? i go this wed for mine. but, i am due for af tomorrow (dec 13). no signs of it yet, but i was running a low grade fever (99.5) this morning.


bump - December 14



itsapinupthing - December 14

Good Morning Ladies,
I'm 22 years old and my hubby and I decided that we are going to ttc next year, which is right around the corner. I plan to get on prenatal vitamins this month and have begun thiking healthy. We tried two months before this decision just because we were in the moment and i was late 7 days both times and no luck. Reading this thread does make me understnad that it will not be as easy as I hoped, but I'm scared it will take longer than normal. I guess I'm just really happ0y I found a thread with ladies my age group and my same hopes and dreams. P.S. I've been married for 1yr and 8 months, but been with my hubby for 8 yrs now.**baby dust to all**


Loulouse - December 14

Hi Ladies. I am 22. I've been married for a year now and have been trying since. I use to be so frustrated waitting for BFP every month only to see hideous af. Now, I realize until I take a break from all of this and take care of myself and finds out exactly what is wrong, I might set myself up for repeating heart break. I have very irregular af from 31-47 days. I was on the ortho evra pacth only for 3 months. before ttc. I just took blood tests on day 3 and 21 to check my hormones, a pelvic sono and vaginal ultrasound...I'm getting the results next week. So for me that's a start on findind what's the problem so I could take care of it if I can. Also ladies the best advice I could give all of you is to read "Taking charge of your fertility" by Toni Weschler. It's the best. You will learn everything you need to know about this subject and this book changes my life because I feel so much in control now. You could go on www.ovusoft.com and read about it. This is the best advice I could give to all of you. After reading thid book, you will see that you don't have keep being hurt each month over and over instead you will take the steps necessary to know your body and will detect what's wrong if any and Ladies I don't know what else to say. This books had chanded my life. If you want to talk anytime, you guys can e-mail me at [email protected]. Baby Dust to all.


itsapinupthing - December 14

wow Loulouse I had never seen a site like that, thank you for that. I will look into it


Loulouse - December 14

You are most welcome.


Ashley - December 16

hey all...well i went wed for my colposcopy...it was horrible! they ended up taking a biopsy of 3 spots. i was cramping for the rest of the day and even a little bit this morning. i have not gotten by af though, i was due for that on the 13th


Leiabug - December 16

hey ladies Im back, well CD 33 and as predicted nothing..I have been doing research into natural remedies to promote ovulation and fertility and found that chaste tree fruit extract is a very popular herb for ovulation, and monthly support...it says it promotes the LH hormone to trigger ovulaitona nd treats people like me who just dont get periods...Its sold and GNC under the name VITEX and cost lke $10. I got some today at this point its worth a try.They had some other fertility remedies but they were like thirty bucks and the only extras they had in them were basically the same ingredients that are in prenatals which i already take. hope they work if anyones done this route before i would love some feedback.


jem - December 16

hi women mind if i join u s.i am 20 and ttc i have been trying for 6mnth.i knew i would have problems i have never used birth control but always got up for toilet straight after.i have just bought some ovulex and i am hoping that will regualate my cycle i have only had 2 periods since begining of august and am on cd 37- i am thinking now i might have pcos buti havent been to docs yet!! baby dust to all


Ashley - December 18

hey all, how is everyone doing?


CHRISTY - December 19



Leiabug - December 19

Hey guys well CD 36 for me I've been taking vitex for the past 4 days...dont know if its helping or not...but its worth a try...I am worried I am having phantom symptoms, I have grown accustom to having zero symtoms that i find excuses for anything yet these are a little more curious...for the last 3 days my nipples have been porno with enlarged glands around them..sore boobs, sick feeling when driving or when eat till im full, break outs and what i think or maybe im just seeing them but more veins in my chest and boobs area...well see this mornign i swore i thougth AF was going to start today ....just keep praying im not crazy


jg - December 19

My husband and I tried for five years (since i was 22) to get pregnant. Due to endometriosis we were told it would not happen. During those five years i had five ivf attempts, multiple operations, investigations, etc. Finally had another op and was given medication to stop ovulation so my body could heal from the endo......eight months later got a period, took clomid and BANG, pregnant straight away. We were blown away. I did five home tests and one at the doctors to make absolutely sure the positive result was right. We had tried just about everything we could, including specially formulated herbal formulas. I don't think I could have cried any more during those years of heartache. My little boy is six months old now and we still look at him with disbelief. I don't regret anything we tried during those years (harsh though some of the treatments were) because now we have our precious little man. As fas as you can, keep trying, and trying, and trying. Don't give up. You just never know.



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