Dose KY lube kill sperm???
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KayteeLeanne - March 15

i was just reading threw another post.. an someone said that KY kills sperm??? i made sure that it wasent spermacidal... so I hope not lol.. cause I've used it a couple times.. cause me and dh have been having so much sex.. somtimes i just dont feel like for play or to orgasim.. so somtimes i just let him "bang" me lol..sorry for the tmi.. so when that happens he uses the KY so it dosent hurt me.. so now im freaking out.. anyone have any idea???


carrot top - March 15

Heres what I found... "This official ING comment to the FDA addresses the need for warning labels to be placed on lubricants that harm sperm. It also suggests testing standards to be used to verify whether or not products harm sperm and are safe for use while trying to conceive. This report contains a full review of all published studies on lubricants. It also discusses the lack of understanding of sperm damage caused by lubricants in both the medical profession and consumer groups." ... I got that off of the preseed website. They claim that they are the only lubricate out there that does not kill sperm. KY isn't a spermicide, but it doesn't provide a good environment for the sperm. In other words, you can still get pregnant using KY, but it may lower your chances. Hope this helps!


lovemy3 - March 15

I have read that it does as well,sorry! I'm not even sold on Preseed being ok.


KayteeLeanne - March 15

i searche da bit on it too.. and what i read was that if there isnt spermacide or nonoxynol-9 then it should be ok.. and i think that the pressed site just says that so you'll only buy there product lol.. i could be wrong.. but who knows.. thanx for the info ladys!!!


kl99 - March 17

My RE says preseed is not even the best bet, he recommed egg whites, saliva, or olive oil. I have been taking robitussin a few days before 0 and that has seems to help with any dryness.


caribangell - March 19

I use olive oil as well. its natural and it does not have any ill effects on me. ky and the others irritates me. hope it helps.



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