Cycle changed and I got pregnant
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Emily - June 5

I am really happy to be pregnant. I am 28 years old and we have been trying for almost a year with negative results. Here's my question. My period has always been erratic, sometimes it would be on time, other times I would skip a month here or there, but I would always get it. We figured out that is why we were unable to conceive. Since I started my period at age 12, I always knew what to expect. My first day would be heavy and I would have severe cramping the whole day. As each day went on it would get a little lighter each day and then on my last day I would cramp again and my period would always last 5 days. This past time when I had my period it was a medium flow with NO cramping, and it lasted 4 days. That has never happened in my cycle before. After that cycle I know find myself pregnant. It kind of puzzles me that I had a change in my cycle and become pregnant. Could there of been any factors with my cycles previously that would of prevented me to get pregnant? Has this ever happened to anyone?



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