Charting BBT
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OL - November 29

Been ttc to 4 months. I've recently begun charting my BBT. I know that it's supposed to be taken when you first wake up. However, I was wondering how much difference it makes if you take it in the afternoon? Say I take my temp at 6am, & I looking at a difference of more than a degree, or something much more minimal than that? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.


kc - November 29

The reason for taking it when you first wake up is, because there is little to affect the temp at this time. If you take it after you have been up and about, it will be hard to determine the slight dip and increase because so many things can affect your temp. Eating, drinking, movement, change in temp. ect. The dip prior to ovulation is only 2 tenths of a degree and this can be missed if not taken when you first wake up. You could try charting in the afternoon and see how it works, but I have a feeling your chart will be hard to read. I hope this helps.



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