bicornuate uterus???
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eb - August 24

Does anyone else have this condition, or had anyone else comcevied with this condition


kl - August 25

Hi Eb, I have this condition and have had two pregnancies. Keep the faith!


Cee Bee - August 25

What is it - just interested??


KellyN - August 25

Is this the same as a "double uterus"? My sis has a double uterus, and she had a successful pregnancy. Her doc told her that only about 60 percent of pregnancys from a double uterus make it to term. She had to spend about the last two months of her pregnancy in bed, and had a c-section for the birth. Mom and baby are both fine now and my niece is turning two next month!! My sis is a really really low-stress person, so I think that helped out a lot.


eb - August 25

Thanks girls, just needed some more info. KellyN , not sure about your question, my doc says it is a heart shape uterus...


KellyN - August 26

Hi eb! I asked my sis last night, and she said it is very similar, but in her case the center of the uterus comes all the way down making two.



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