Best way to get pregnant quick?
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to Maddy & jenna - September 24

I think the two of you should go and start your own negative thread.....We all come here for support, not to get beat up by other woman with their nasty comments.

Kay: the best way is to find your o date and start with those 72 hours.....


jenna - September 24

she asked a quick way, some people are lucky enough for it to happen asap, others it takes longer, and some it may not even happen for! so how can ya determine a quick way! realistically! chart, tests, see a dr. thats realistic! not to say get em prego quick please, that would be a miracle if we could all ask that and it be granted.


maddy - September 24

agree totally, and we arent being negative,being realistic here! not sitting with a blind fold on saying its just gonna happen miraculously! we are here for support and should be able to state opinion, wether you agree or not!!!!!!!!


kikki - September 24

well everyone has thier opinions, i happen to fall preg, after only one month of trying so quick can happen and sometimes quicker after a i had one nov. and ttc right away and it worked, if normal, healthy couple chances are greater! good luck to all


Indie - September 25

Here are a few suggestions on helping nature along...

1. Don't stress...stress can mess with your ovulations go all get loads of sleep, eat right, try not to count the seconds until fertility window and obsess over getting preggers (I know, easier said than done) and stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.....2. Learn to know your body and its signs. BBT monitoring and such are helpful if you watch them for several months and figure out the pattern. If you have a regular cycle and predictable signs of ovulation this will increase your odds but we can't all be that lucky...3. Have amazing sex. A really strong orgasm and simultaneous orgasms help to increase the sperms ability to enter the uterus quickly and in large numbers....4. Try some robitussin. CM is a barrier to sperm and robitussion works on it the same way it works on your congestion when you have a cold (it thins it out), so a dose of robitussin for a few days could help...stay hydrated and drink lots of on similar principles...5. Remain lying down postcoitus to keep gravity working in your favour...6. Try having sex every other day or every 2 days rather than daily and start "trying" a few days before your most fertile time and a few days after. Sperm can live 2-3 days once released and the egg lives only an average of 12-36 hours, plus your partner needs time to recover. If he's shooting blanks, it does you no good and if you are feeling pressured to HAVE TO have sex then that could make it not as much fun ;-) Anyway, prolly all old info to everyone, but thought I'd share. Murphy's law tends to come into play as well, so just make things completely inconvenient and the worst possible timing for gtting pregnant (e.g. lose your job, plan a cruise around the world, blow up your house), so the REAL trick is to make your life incompatible for having kids, or start the process for adopting, and you'll get pregnant straight away!


stephanie Marshals mom - October 1

Maybe you trying too hard. Dont want it too happen so badly. I am sure it will happen. Stress is not good. Thanks


aa - October 2

I wish they develop some kind of home fridge we can keep our sperm frozen..then near/on ovulation day can unfreeze them and inject them near much as possible to increase the chance of pregnancy..


a bit of levity - October 2

Please refrain from calling others loosers when it seems that they are just trying to bring some levity to an already stressful situation. A bit of humor never hurt anyone. We could all use a goodlaugh to release some of our anxieties and stresses. Laughter actually helps release toxins and makes you feel better. Keep doing what you are doing, temp, chart and take OPKs for 6 months. If you see a pattern of not ovulating, than go to an RE to get tests done for both yu and your hubby. Good luck!


Jamie - October 4

The best time to have sex is in the am when your husbands sperm count is higher. I've heard to limit sex around ovulation to make sure sperm count is higher, but it's hard because you may only be fertile 12 hours a month! Good luck to all and baby dust!


mel - October 5

Your body may be just getting back into regularity I also had a m/c 3 months ago. I'm pretty sure that's what my doctor told me... you might also want to eat and drink healthy for preconception


noone important - October 7

on average, it takes a year to get pregnant. If you are not pregnant by that time then talk to your doctor and get him to refer you to a fertility specialist. Good Luck everyone. I wish I had some.


<> - October 8

Have grow sperm in your fallopian tube..That way they ready for the egg anytime..


a bit of levity - October 9

Thank you for the compliment. So much for trying to help people release their anxieties. If you haven't noticed through other threads, some women are very stressed with trying to conceive. Sorry I tried to help. That is what good people do, try to help others, but I guess that is not you. Have a nice time trying to conceive.


mary - October 10

i have been trying to get pregnant 4 9 months ans still nothin wot is wrong


to levity - October 10

good luck to you ttc that is! no need to be wise guy towards that towards me, i get your point!


maggie - October 10

have all the sex possible, every other day til your next period!



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