Best way to get pregnant quick?
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help - August 31

tip uterus how can i get pregnant


leonia - August 31

i would suggest using either ovulation test strips or fertility monitor.i've used ovulation calendar's online for a few months nothing.found out the calendar was off by 4 days.makes it easier to have a baby if you know for sure you ovulate and when .good luck all ttc.


tasha - September 1

how to get pregnant


ANA - September 3

I had been trying to get pregnant for 1 year and six months without success. I went to the fertility specialist, but their prices were just too high for me ($3,000 US DOLLARS per month, no guarantees).

I decided to do some research and took the following herbs:
1. FEM RESTORE (herbs in liquid form. Dark brown bottle with green letters. Found in any good health food store). Nasty taste, but worth the suffering.
2. Crystal Start Female Harmony: 4 pills per day.
3. Deluxe Evening Primrose Oil: 4 pills per day.

I took these herbs for about 1 1/2 months. I started with the beginning of my period and took until the next periods (irregular periods). Then I took VITEX (another nasty tasting herb) just for a few weeks and now I am 2 months pregnant! I just saw my baby’s heartbeat yesterday. Please write me to [email protected] if you have any questions. I wish you the best of luck. Put a little of God on this mix too and you will have a winning bet.


Ana C. Rowling


sue - September 7

my uterus slightly bent to the back can i get prengnant that way


me - September 9

That Dr Jonas Method is the most confusing thing I have ever encountered. Good luck with that! :)


kym - September 10

at the begining of this year i miss 4 periods and every test i took showed up negative. and when i received my period in april both me and my partner was heart broken, as both of us was looking forward to a baby even though we wasnt planning on it. and we agreed that i would stop birth control, and try for a baby, but now its been nearly 5 months and nothing has happened.
i feel it is my fault as i aborted a child when i was 13 as i was raped, could this effect our chances of a baby now? and if not what would improve our chances?


TC - September 11

Kym- If you have not had a period for 4 months, it sounds like you need to find out why that is happening. You may not be ovulating, then the lining gets so thick it finally sheds. I would see a dr. I do not believe that your abortion would have any effect on ttc. If you had multiple ones, maybe. Please see a dr. It can be so depressing to try for long periods of time. Best to find out what is going on.


princess - September 12

talk to your doctor and see what they can do to help


laura - September 12

kleshay,but relax i recently went to the doctor and was told to keep calm. grieve for your m/c first or you wont be able to let go and move on and concive. personal experience


AS - September 12

If you are not pregnant, give Vitex Angus Castus a try. It can help and its a kind of herbal tablet. Best wishes.


keisha - September 23

i been trying to get pregnat for a year now what should i do


maddy - September 23

no offense but if we knew a quick way we wouldnt be here for advice!!!!!!!


jenna - September 23

i agree! hmmm let me see in my book of tricks the quickest way to ttc, in a ttc forum, so i can pass it on!


me - September 24

No need for the sarcasm ladies. Trying to conceive is hard enough. Kay, seems that you are doing what you can. Stay healthy and keep bding a lot. If you don't conceive in 6 months to a year, see a specialist. Good luck.


to Maddy & jenna - September 24

I think the two of you should go and start your own negative thread.....We all come here for support, not to get beat up by other woman with their nasty comments.

Kay: the best way is to find your o date and start with those 72 hours.....



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