Best way to get pregnant quick?
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Kay - March 3

I had a m/c 3 months husband and I the following 2 months had sex every other day and it didnt work....We are so ready...any suggestions to help?


$weetne$$ - March 3

keep doing what ur doin, dat is the best way im afraid


michelle - March 3

ifyou got pregnant naturally with that one, just keep trying your body may be just adjusting and going back to normal. good luck x


To Kay - March 4

Keep trying, and let it be fun! I know it's hard to do, but don't let the negative results get to you.


holly - March 5

If you are younger than 35, you have plenty of time.

Try to have sex often on the days when you are most fertile. Your most fertile day is 14 days before your NEXT period. You can figure it from there and then add 3 days before and 2 days after (because the sperms can live up to 72 hours and eggs can live up to 48 hours in your uterus). Also, don't get up so soon after sex. Lie down at least 20 minutes. I am old (43), so we don't have much time left :). So after sex, my boyfriend would pick raise my legs in the air to make sure that his sperms stay inside me. That's pretty funny but it seemed to work. I became pregnant after 5 months of trying and we could have sex only 4 days a month (but we have sex like 2-3 times a day :o)). I visit him once a month because we live far away from each other.

Stay cheerful. Good luck!!!


kim j - March 8

You may want to try doing it every other day. You need to give the sperm a chance to recoop.. Good Luck and have fun!


Shabana Aamir - March 29

M/C last two three months ago, we want to have a child agian.


jodie - April 22

a year and a half ago I had a m/c. we have been trying ever since. I was 23 and in good health. we want and are ready to be parents, any suggestions


jola16 - April 23

I been trying to get pregnant for the past 3 months and i still haven't please help or give me any ideas


Brandi - July 25

go to a fetility speacialist


sophie - July 25

i have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months. The negative results are depressing me. I've calculated my ovulation perfectly. I lay down for hours after sex. I eat healthy. I'm taking a preconception vitamin. I'm 21. Everyone else seems to get pregnant easily, why can't i?


? - July 25

dont worry its been 13 months for me. af is due 27th hope it doesnt come.


sophie - July 26

my af is due tomorrow too. I have had 4 hpt leading up to it. All negative. But i was spotting yesterday (light pink - sorry if that's too much info). I have had pain in my lower abdomen for 4-5 days now. What does this all mean? Am i reading too much into everything because i'm so desperate to conceive?


brenda - July 26

this is actually a question but we have been trying to get pregnant for the last 3 weeks. my period was 2 weeks late but i still had it. can i still have my period if i am pregnant? i have had some pregnancy symptoms but i have taken 3 tests and they all show up negative. how can i tell? maybe i don't have enough HCG hormone in my urine?


Carra - July 26

This will be the second month me and my husband will be trying. This time I bought an ovulation test. Try that, it will help you determine when you are going to ovulate, unless you have irregular periods, then it might be harder.


D. - July 26

Don't assume you are Ovulating every 14 days. There may be plenty of issues, and your miscarriage could be an indicator of what that is. I would suggest you go to and get yourself an account (they have free ones). Start charting your temperatures. Pay attention to the changes in your body. WIth your BBT you will be able to tell a lot about yourself. If you ovulate late or early. Also if your luteal phase (the time from when you ovulate until the day before your period starts) is long enough to support a pregnancy (anything under 12 days is too short). That is called a luteal phase defect and can be fixed. But you have to know you have the problem first. You don't mention if you miscarried early or later in your pregnancy or whether the doctor tested to find out the cause but LPD (Luteal Phase defect) is one of the most common reasons for early miscarriage. Also keep in mind that even with no issues, our chances of faling pg any given cycle is about 20-25% even at peak fertility. So, it may just take time. But you need to know when you are ovulating. I've ovulated as early as CD6 and as late as CD17, and if I hadn't been charting and using OPKs, I would never have know it.

Hope this helps.


D. - July 26

And I agree with Kim J. If there is a possibility that the problem is with your husband, then I would definitely stick to every other day to give the little guys a chance to increase. Too often we assume the issue is with us when the truth is that 50% of fertility issues lie with the male.



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