Anyone using clomid who is already ovulating on own?
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jg - December 26

Sorry for the long question!

I have a child who I am sure would not be here without the use of Clomid. I had already done 5 x ivf, had a heap of operations, tried a lot of other things, but the time i got pregnant was when i was prescribed Clomid. I know that I ovulated each month, but my Dr gave me Clomid to "boost" my chances....

I am thinking of asking my new Oby/Gyn for Clomid again to TTC......I have done ivf once and iui once since the birth of my son, and have now been ttc actively for about 6 months.......

I was wondering if anyone else is prescribed Clomid even though they do ovulate naturally?


fatboy - December 27

I too was prescribed clomid and ovulate on my own. I start my first round of clomid this coming cycle. Anyway, I was concered that it might mess me up since I do o on my own. My ob/gyn told me that it won't hurt, but might make my cycles a day or two shorter or longer. We've been ttc since Dec '05 and under "unexplained infertility". Good luck and baby dust!


Tracy88 - December 27

I ovulated on my own and was prescribed clomid. I did it for three cycles before moving on to injectables. Injectables worked the first time and I am now 19 weeks PG. Good luck.


Tracy88 - December 27

Oh, forgot to mention, my sister was also prescribed clomid despite the fact that she ovulates on her own, and got PG on her second cycle.


k8cherry - December 28

I also ovulate on my own but am taking clomid. This is my first cycle taking it and I am on 3dpo. I ovulated on the same day I normally do without it. But I had cramping the day before and the day of ovulation so I am hoping thats a sign of a big follie being released. I hope I will only need this one cycle. Dh and I have been trying for 2 1/2 years this month with unexplained infertility. Good Luck!



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