anyone under 25 and still ttc #1need buddies part 2
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slowpoke01 - July 21

andy that is good that it is just spotting so you know that it isnt full blown a/f i have a feeling that it is implantation bleeding because everyone i have read post about implantation it is just spotting pinkish or browninsh discharge. let me know what happens


andy - July 21

thanks slow for the support... you have no idea how much I want this not to be af ... I called my dr and he told me to wait , if it turns red ... its af , but if not have a blood test on monday ... can you imagine ... MONDAY !!! he said , maybe I could get a false negative , and he said that I maybe experiencing a different kind of menstruation ... what kind of menstruation is brown and comes on day25 ... You know I´m not gonna let myself think is not af ... I think is better for me , ok I´m prepared if I get it I get it .... and if not !!! then I can be happy ... I have cried too much this days over this that I don´t think I can let my hopes get up again and then fall again ... I´ll keep mmy fingers( and legs )crossed ... today it is just CD27 and don´t know how am I supposed to wait for 3 more days .... maybe : ( maybe : ) only God knows !!!


charliepaulchloe - July 21

hi andy, i feel awful writing again cause i am pg but i was also in this situation few mths back, but i didnt find out i was pg in dec til i was having m/c and gave up all hope and never thought anything of not having a/f as i was always a bit late it wasnt until beginning of march that i was getting sore bbs that i went to dr and he done test that was pos, i still didnt believe him and bought home test which also came up pos. i was fine and made up but after my scan the following wk i was having spotting and thought it was another m/c but touch wood everything going fine so far they put it down to implantation bleeding, still have bleeding now at 26 wks.
good luck hunny hope everything fine xxxxxxxxxx


andy - July 22

charlie ... please keep on posting ... thanks so much for your words ... yes I know what a M7c is like and sure its kind of dying a little out the pain ... I hope GOD hears you and I still have a chance ... Today is cd27 and is my 3rd day of brown spotting ... although it has lessened a little I´m not sure ... You have no idea how much I want this , specially cause next month (mid Aug) was supposed to be my December angels due date : ( .... Please take good care of that belly !!!


andy - July 22

sorry to ask this question but are you bleeding red , brown or pink ???? thanks


slowpoke01 - July 22

andy i think that you will be fine and i think that you will get a + i am really praying for you..i know that you are scared and worried so i hope that this cheers you up..god doesnt give us more than he thinks that we can handle..i really strongly feel that you are pregnant..espcially since you are only spotting and it isnt red that is good i really feel that this is implantation bleeding and that you are pregnant..let me know how everything goes..take care of yourself and good luck


andy - July 22

Oh my god ... I´m pregnant !!!! only 3 weeks and 6 days ( very little ) but still !!!!!!!! PREGNANT !!!!!!!!Thank u God Thank u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all you ladies , you really helped me during this scary process .... I am soooooo happy but at the same time a little sad because I can´t stop worrying !!!!!!! : ( I´m really scared , I already called my dr and he told me to go have a quantity test on wed ... I already took one today along with the other one and it came out 110 ... its really low , but there´s not supposed to be a high count before 5w and dr told us they were ok !!!! at least I´m more confident than last time cause I had like 25 at 5w2d and because of the spotting that really makes me think that IT WAS IMPLANTATION BLEEDING , cause it was always brown brown and today It´s kind of gone (4th day) but all the wetness is starting to come (sorry if TMI) .... OH MY GOD !!! ok let me tell you everything ... yesterday we bought 2 hpg tst and were supposed to take one today , one tomorrow , and blood on manday .... but I woke up at 7am and woke DH ant took one , well had a really faint line , took the other one and another faint (but more pink) line .... I did´t wanna get so exited so I decided to go to sleep again , but dh though a line is a line so he went to the computer and seach soooo much that kind of like at 8 I woke up and he was stearing at me , I told him ... WHAT WHAT ???? and he said ... get dressed , we are going out to do the blood right now ... so we did ... we had to wait for like an hour (went to have breakfast) and there it was POSITIVE ..... I still can´t believe it , and think I won´t believe it till my first u/s and I FINALLY get to see my baby baby BABY !!!!! I´m so nervious I only want time to go fast , I really don´t wanna go throu a m/c again ..... : ) : ) : ) !!!!!!!! thak u thank u thank u !!!!!!


andy - July 22

oh my god I really hope you guys are next !!!!! I´m sure of it !!!!!!!!! I know God will reward girls like u .... so kind and friendly .... Don´t worry I won´t leave you guys !!! : ) B-a-b-y d-u-s-t !!!!!!!


slowpoke01 - July 22

andy that is great i knew you were pregnant was a feeling i had. i am so happy for you please dont leave us we need your support. i am just hoping for a/f around the 28th so that i can start a new cycle of clomid and do iui and trigger shot. i wish you lots of luck. keep us updated.


charliepaulchloe - July 23

andy i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO made up for u i have got a big massive grin on my face as i write this, im sure evrything is gonna go just great for you. see you on the tri boards !!!!my msn is [email protected] if u ever wanna chat!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


charliepaulchloe - July 23

the bleeding was brown when it was implantation but it went red couple of months ago but thats cause i so far have placenta previa, the drs just gotta keep an eye on it, prob looking at c-section though, poor me! havent had any for few days so hopefully thats it now. god luck hunyxxxxxx


andy - July 23

: - ) this was the first time in like 5 days that I could sleep : )))) I´m so happy : ) still scared but happy , the brown spotting has totally stoped!!! THANK GOD !!! I hope it doesn´t come again EVER !!! Thank u soooo much for your support and good wishes !!!! Don´t worry I´m not going !!!! I think now is the time to give a little back with all of you who helped me !!! I just really hope my numbers keep on getting higher !!!! : ) : ) : )


slowpoke01 - July 23

andy i think that your numbers will be fine. do you use progesterone cream? alot of women say that it helps prevent miscarriage


andy - July 25

: ) i´M not using cream ... just taking pills ever 6 hours : ) ... how are you doing slow ... any sighn of af yet???


andy - July 30

hi ... just though will check in and find out how are you guys !!! no update on me ... just went to the dr and my numbers are going up ... will have them checked again monday morning and on wed I¡ll have my first u/s !!!!!!... I´m super scared , just wanting God to be with me ... take care ...


slowpoke01 - July 30

andy everything is going to be fine with you girl..i am so happy for you and your numbers going up that is great. a/f showed friday so i start clomid today i am so excited to be starting a new cycle. i hope that having a positive attitude this round really helps my andy just think wed you will get the first picture of your little one for your baby book. that is so great girl. i know that everything is going to be fine with you. i cant explain it it is just a feeling that i have. keep your chin up and smile and be happy and rub your tummy what i would do if i were good luck to all and hope that everyone checks in and lets us know whats going on.



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