anyone under 25 and still ttc #1need buddies part 2
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slowpoke01 - July 15

hey hope you all find it this way we dont have to keep scolling care all


andy - July 15

hi ... thanks slow ...I really hope everyone finds it .... I´on cd21 and aparently loosing it ... : ) well the thing is that I think I have some symptoms , but again it can be because of the progesterone that I´m taking and not my body doing it ... well I guess the only thing I have left to do is wait ... you won´t believe me , yesterday we went to the drug store to buy more progesterone pills , and I bought a pg test ... as soon as I got home I put it on m closet ... lets see how much time it can remain there ... : ) I hope this month you can all still log in and chat once in a while ... hope you feel ok slow and jaqi ... you´ll see everything will work out for the best !!!!! Baby dust !!!!!!!


slowpoke01 - July 16

andy thats not crazy i cant count the tests that i have bought dh doesnt really even know how much i have tested lol take care


Jaqi - July 16

Hey guys, what's up? I'm still here. I had to take my kitty kat to the vet yesterday. He has lost a lot of weight in the last 2 months. We have been fighting a flea problem on him. Well, I was worried he might be anemic. And he is!! I was a vet tech for 10yrs, so I know a lot about animals. Normal count, when it comes to being anemic, is 25-40. At 12, they will ask for a blood transfusion. He was at 10!!! It threw us all off because he was acting so well. Sooooo, he is at the vet for the next couple of days to re-coop and so I can spray the house down with flea killer stuff. I can't afford the transfusion :o( I've called them twice today to check on I bet he is sooooo damn mad at me! He goes where I go, so the look on his face was horrible yesterday when I had to leave him :o( But it's for the best, I know! As far as me, just working on the insurance deal and trying to make it. Tired of all the pregnant Don't take it wrong, I'm just being a I hope you ladies are doing well. It's 106 today I heard, so I'm going to get out of this patrol car and try to cool off for a bit. Andy thanks for encouraging words chica! Slow, thank you very much also! My email addy is [email protected]. I will email ya slow!


andy - July 17

hi girls ... just checking in.... oh jaqi ... I´m so sorry for your kitty , I hope he is ok ... slow ... I´m really confused , don´t even know when to test since my went down today and my skin is starting to break out like other months wahen af is comming ... I´m really sad , I hope things get better ... I still have 6 days to go ... wish me luck !!!


slowpoke01 - July 18

andy i would wait until a/f is late that way you dont get disappointed and you have enough hcg to show a positive and that way you wont waste money on tests and you would get a positive also just because you are breaking out alot of women do that when they are pg because of hormone changes in their bodies so dont stress too much


Jaqi - July 18

So far, my kitty is doing better. I have called everyday to check up on him. They have been giving him so much food, he had the runs...poor baby. So, I will pick him up Thrs or Fri!! Don't stress Andy...I know it's hard, but just tell your self, what happens happens...Go listen to music and dance around your house like you just got released from the crazy house!


andy - July 18

thanks slow ... I´m on cd24 and decided to wait at least till friday ... thanks I hope evrythings works out , even If I get af I don´t want it to be late cause that will make me have stupid hopes ... well take care !!!


andy - July 18

: ) oh jaqi ... thanks maybe I´ll do that !!!! give your kitty all the love !!!!!!


slowpoke01 - July 19

andy keep us posted on what happens..we are rooting for you girl and hoping you get that BF+ let us know..take care and that is good advice that jaqi gave about dancing around the i should try that


andy - July 20

hi... I´m cd 26 and since yesterday I´ve been having some spoting , first super pink and now brown ... I´m sure I´m getting af ... the thing is why so soon ??? : ( I really thuoght meds will help , aparently not


slowpoke01 - July 20

andy that would make you what 12 dpo? and 11 dpo when you first saw the bleeding i would say that this could very well be implantation bleeding since implantation can take place between 2-12 dpo and since this started when you were 11 dpo i would say to wait a few days and take a test also implantation may take up to 3 days so it looks like a good sign for you let me know


andy - July 21

I´m really down and don´t know what to think ... do you know if thst tipe of bleeding is pink , red or brow n ... cause now its really brown , just comes when I wipe (sorry tmi) kind of like e/ 3 hours ... I´m really scared ... I never get af befor cd29-30 : (


charliepaulchloe - July 21

hi andy just called in to see how u were getting on, hope everything goes ok for you. keep optimistic as slow said it could be implantation bleeding if u look on first tri board u will see others are experiencing same things.
will be thinking of you xxx and u other ladies of course xxx


slowpoke01 - July 21

andy i have heard people say that it is light pink or brown even so dont stress too much it sounds like implantation to me


andy - July 21

thank u guys ... I don´t really know !!!! Now its day3 of the spotting ( very little ) but still ... I ´m calling my doctor right now !!!


slowpoke01 - July 21

andy that is good that it is just spotting so you know that it isnt full blown a/f i have a feeling that it is implantation bleeding because everyone i have read post about implantation it is just spotting pinkish or browninsh discharge. let me know what happens



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