anyone under 25 and still ttc #1need buddies part 2
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slowpoke01 - July 30

andy everything is going to be fine with you girl..i am so happy for you and your numbers going up that is great. a/f showed friday so i start clomid today i am so excited to be starting a new cycle. i hope that having a positive attitude this round really helps my andy just think wed you will get the first picture of your little one for your baby book. that is so great girl. i know that everything is going to be fine with you. i cant explain it it is just a feeling that i have. keep your chin up and smile and be happy and rub your tummy what i would do if i were good luck to all and hope that everyone checks in and lets us know whats going on.


andy - July 30

: ) ... thanks a lot , you really make me smile and let my fears aside, at least for a while ... tomorrow I´ll go and have my numbers checked again along with other tests my dr send me... I really hope they are getting up up !!! ... That will really help me get till wed not worrying this much ... It is so great that you can start the new clomid cicle : ))) !!! please keep me posted ... LOTS LOTS LOTS of baby dust !!!



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