Anyone TTC in JULY? Looking for cycle buddies??
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Tammy276 - July 13

I don't know where everyone else went? Oh well...I am 4 or 5 dpo, I can't remember. I'm not losing hope, but I'm not that hopeful either......I know it only takes 1, but that 1 has to be the right timing too!! So I guess I have a little over a week to find out!! I have a 17 day lutal phase, so my waiting is more like teh 21/2 week wait!! it sucks!!


kitten117 - July 13

Hello everyone, thanks Tammy to start a new thread. I felt so out of place when I posted over some long threads. Hopefully, I'm not too late to join in here. My DH and I are ttc #1 since March this year. I have very irregular cycles and I also use the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. I'm on CD 19 today and still on the high (this is my 3rd cycle using the monitor and I have never seen my peak). I just wonder maybe something wrong with me. I'm 28 and really want to have a baby before my 30th birthday. I just hate the waiting.....I also have a dog. Her name is Chloe; she is a Mix(small w/ long white hair). We love her very much. Hopefully, I will have some support in this thread. Have a great day everyone and lots of babydust.


liltif - July 13

Hello Ladies, I hope you don't mind me joining. I am in the same boat as far as ttc. Well here is some info about me. I am 24 DH is 26 we do have a DD that is 5 1/2 named Hailey. (We were not trying to get pg, but not preventing it either with DD) We have been ttc #2 since April 2003. I did get pg on my own in Aug 2003, but it ended in mc at 11wks! Had a laparoscopy in 10-04, everything was fine. Went on clomid 100 mg days 5-9 in Sept 2005, ovulated late on cd 19 got pg, but it was ectopic and I had to have emergency surgery at 9 weeks pg and also lost my left fallopian tube in Nov 2005. Since I have done 3 cycles of clomid 2 at 50mg (ovulated once) then in June on the 100mg ovulated and I am on cd 4. I had a follow up apt with my doc's associate yesterday and I am now waiting the results on my pcos test.... DH and I decided that we were not going to do the clomid anymore and just see what the results are. I hate to say it, but the meds were making me a crazy person. This past month has been really hard, bc for the first time in 8 yrs of taking HPTs I got really, really, faint +s, that ended up being evap lines. I was reading them at the 10 minute mark. Well anyway, Good luck to all of you!


newmommy - July 14

Hey there, everyone! Welcome kitten 117 and liltif!!! Well, AF has finally arrived!!! She graced me with her presence last night, so I'm now on cd1 on my CBEFM. I feel like I've been waiting forever to finally set that monitor! I think that the meds to bring AF have brought on a stronger hormonal change than my normal cycles---I've been feeling pretty on edge, and I've had a huge case of the munchies!!! I'm trying not to be stressed. My husband and I just moved from Seattle to central Washington in December, and now we're thinking of moving back to Seattle already! My husband got a great offer from his previous employer---enough for me to not have to work when we finally have a baby (and it would be a really tight budget to stay here, even with me working.)! I like it both places, but we just bought our house here in March, and I feel a little crazy to be thinking about moving right back to where we came from less than a year later!!! I'm torn, and trying not to let it affect me while ttc. I guess AF hormones aren't helping to calm the nerves, either! I'm trying to convince my DH to get off the phone (he's like a teenage girl, I swear!) and take a walk with me so we can just chill out. Good night, and have a Happy Friday tomorrow!


Tammy276 - July 14

Welcome kitten117 and Tiffany.. You are not too late to join our thread! We are still all getting to know each welcome aboard!! Doesn't it stink when you are ttc? It gets so frustrating.....I am sorry to hear about your losses....that is really hard....but like my doc. said, everything happens for a reason...I have had 2 m/c in the last year, so I am really anxious to get preggers again, but am sick of trying also!! Sometimes the monitor can be really confusing...I have really long cycles, and irregular cycles also, so it is hard using it sometimes since how it is supposed to "learn" your cycle. Well, how can it "learn" my cycle when my cycle is different every month! Usually I don't ovulate until like cd 28 or later, and this month, I O'd on like cd 15! Way early for me! So I am enjoying my tww right now....well not really enjoying, but you know what I mean right? Two weeks is too long to wait! I am like 5 or 6 dpo right now, and I had some really weird cramping today....hopefully good cramping!! I am really hoping this is our month...Anyway. How is everyone else doing? sorry AF showed. Af sucks!! But you get to use your monitor! YEAH! Be ware, it gives you like 10 or more high days your first month using it before you see you pretty much need to bd all the time to be sure you don't miss the peak!! Well, I think I broke my pinkie toe tongiht at work! OUCH!! I knocked our big metal stapeler off the counter and it landed right on my toe! It hurt so bad! That was like 5 hours ago. Now my toe is big and red and turning's a little numb right now though....I"m sure I'll feel it in the morning when I wake up! I took like 3 advil right after it happened, I'm sure that helped a little bit! Well this is long enough! I'll check in again tomorrow to see how everyone is doing! Good night ladies!!


Sweetpea - July 14

kitten-I would star temping so if you decide to see a doctor you can show him charts, they always want to see charts and it can set you back a couple of months if you have to do them and then go back and see the doctor. In my personal expierience I didn't get peak but once in 6 months and it was because I wasn't ovulating, I assumed I was since I would get AF each month. But this may be your month so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. liltif-I hope you get the results you want, when are they going to get back to you? Tammy-don't take too much Advil just in case you are pregnant :)


kitten117 - July 14

Hello everyone, thank you for the warm welcome. Tiffany and Tammy very sorry for your losses, I can’t imagine how difficult (emotional and physical) can be to have a mc. It must be very hard. Tammy, sorry for your pinkie….God….must be very hurt. Seattle is a beautiful and romantic city; I want to go there sometime. But moving is not fun….I move from city to city almost every 1-2 years in average. Finally, my DH and I bought a house and settled down last year. Well, he wants to move again next year because he hates the area. I’m on my cd 20….still no peak…very sucks. I think won’t be my month this time. Bding a lot….,but too hot to do it last night. I sent an email to my ob and asked her maybe put me on Clomid because it seems like I’m not ovulating at all. Oh….what is the side effect of Clomid? I heard a lot of women taking it. DH and I are going to spent a weekend out of town since he works so hard this week(over 10 hours) and I’m so stress out of my O coming or not! Hopefully, we will have a relaxing weekend. Good weekend everyone!


kitten117 - July 14

Sweetpea- I’m too lazy to do the temping thing. Haha….maybe I should start to do it. When should I start? Before my cycle or everyday? In the morning right? Thanks.


Tammy276 - July 15

Kitten, I am too lazy to temp too! I was going to start this month, but then I O'd early so I may try it next month...I haven't decided yet though...Yeah, I know about the advil! The only reason I took it is because it is the only thing we had at the bar and I wanted to take something to take the edge off right away before it got too bad!! I normally take tylenol. Well, nothing new to report on my end, so I will check in tomorrow! I hope you all have a good night!


Tammy276 - July 16

Hi ladies...Thought I would check in today...Still having some cramping today, so I am hoping it is implantation. I read that woman can have implantation as early as 2 days, although it is not common, and you can feel implantation cramping.....up to four days for the egg to fully burrow into the lining, so one more week before I will find out!! Is it hotter than hell out by anyone else? it is 94 here, not including humidity. They said w/ humidity it is averaging around 105 for the heat index!!! Holy moses!! I was outside w/ my son earlier so he could splash in the pool, and I wanted to jump in w/ him I was so hot!! Anyway. I feel sorry for my puppy, I can tell she is miserable!! She wants to keep going outside to lay in the shade, but we can't leave her out there by herself, we don't have a fenced in yard yet.....She's better off in here in the air conditioning anyway.


AllEyesOnMe - July 16

Hello my name is Kayla and i am 26yrs old and i have been ttc again for 16mos.Me and my dh have a 4yr old ds.Tammy i am from the other thread ttc in july and i wanted to stop by your thread to say hello.I read all through the post and seen where things almost turned into a cat fight.Unbeleivable! anyway i hope your toe gets to feeling better and my fingers are crossed for you to get that bfp,i wish i would have some luck.My cycles are so screwy i dont ovulate every month either.It can sure be stressful ttc.


Tammy276 - July 16

Welcome AllEyesOnMe, yeah, it almost turned into a BIG catfight, but it all got cleared up, I don't have time for that little argumentative stuff...I'm too busy ttc!! yeah, my cycles are way weird. I ovulate at all different times! Usually between cd 25 - 30, so I normally have very long cycles. This month my body decided to throw me for a loop and I O'd on like cd 14 or 15, WAY early for me and I wasn't expecting it, so we didn't get much bd'ing, but the way I've been feeling, I think maybe we have a chance. I sitll have my twingy, pinchy, pulling cramps......It could be implantation craming, but I think that is just being hopeful! If it is still bothering me on Monday I think I am going to call my doc. to make sure that it is not a bladder infection or something, because I normally don't get cramping like this...It is really weird. Well, I just got in from being out so I should really get to bed so I can get up in the a.m. and go to work (and not look or feel hungover). I didn't have that much to drink, but w/ it being so darn hot out, it is just making me feel icky! I'll check in tomorrow. You know, this is a daily habit for me! My hubby rags on me for being on here so much. I have posted on so many different threads, I am trying to keep up with them all!!


newmommy - July 16

Hey, mommies-to-be! TAMMY, I'm hoping its good news for you in your 2ww. Don't you wish you could find out in 2 days instead??? It's like mother nature's idea of a cruel joke---or just making sure you REALLY want it! I feel your toe pain, too!! I think mine could be broken or bruised, too!!! I was sitting sideways on my DH's lap last night, and asked him to scoot over so I could sit next to him. He did, and jammed my toe into the arm of the chair! Ouch---and oops! It's pretty hot here, too. I let the pugs outside, and they just stand by the door looking in like "you're kidding, right?". I can hardly get them to go even go potty! KITTEN, I'd maybe call your ob/gyn and let her know about not getting any peaks on the monitor. There's no sense in wasting time if there is a possibility you're not ovulating. Or at least you'll get some reassurance sooner. I didn't get my period for forever, and finally called my OB after 9 weeks. She immediately prescribed provera to start it for me, and I wished I hadn't waited so long to call her. It's been 11 weeks total now. Good luck to you! I finally got to start using the monitor this month---I can't wait to actually visually see the changes and ovulation (and peein' on those sticks--what fun!). TIFFANY--I'm sorry you've had such a rough couple of months. M/C is no fun, but adding a tubal, also---I'm really sorry. Maybe 3 will be a charm for you this time. I've had 4 surgeries in the past 3 months; one for D&C, and 3 for kidney stones---I'm also just ready for a normal event-free pregnancy! Oh--and I'm a lazy, non-temp.-charter, too!!! :-). SWEETPEA---how's your 2ww going? I hope everyone has a great week, full of BD and upcoming positives!!!!


Tammy276 - July 17

My toe is doing better now, thank god!!! That is so funny that you hurt yours too, well not "funny" but you know what I mean! It was another hot one here today so me and my son went to a pool party and he loved it! I bought him this little boat for him to float around in and he had so much fun....Yeah I wish I could find out in two days instead! I will just pee on my opk sticks to get the urge of peeing on a stick out of my system!!LOL! it is a cruel joke! 2 weeks is too long to wait!


liltif - July 17

Good Afternoon, I hope that everbody is doing well. I got the results from my pcos test back today and everything is "normal". I'm happy and a little up set at the same time. I'm only upset bc that means that the docs still don't have a clue to my unexplained IF. He said we could do IVF, and I said no. We don't have that kind of money and I don't want to take it that far. I will just have to be patient and see what God's plans are, as hard as that is, it is what I have to do. I did get DH back in church (knock on wood), so we will see what happens.

It is so hot here! Ugh. I'm in Indiana and it is 94!


Sweetpea - July 17

Tammy-my fingers are crossed for you, maybe your earlier o-time produced a batter egg for you?!! Liltif-I think unexplained is much better than PCOS, that would be a terrible thing to have to deal with. I've read posts from women on how they've done several IUI's and tried many years with no luck, breaks my heart and scares me. I'm currently on CD7 so about halfway there. I pray to God that this is the month I can concieve!



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