Anyone TTC in JULY? Looking for cycle buddies??
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Tammy276 - June 28

Hi everyone who decides to join my post!! Just looking for girls to chat with who are in the same or similar boat as me. I am on CD 6 and we will be ttc in July. I have really long cycles, usually around 43 days or so, so it has been really difficult for us to get preg. I had a m/c in January, and have had no luck since then. I am thinking about talking to my doctor about putting me on Clomid. I would like to start it this month, but I think it is too late since how AF started already. I hate this waiting game. I never know when I will O. Sometimes my cycle surprises me, and I ovulate like a week and a half before I should have. I just never know. I am hoping that if they put me on Clomid, it will help regulate it already. Anyway. I supose I should introduce myself a little. I just turned 26 and hubby and I are ttc#2. I have a beautiful 20 month old son named Blaketon. I have had 2 m/c since my son, the latest was January of this year. We just bought a gorgeous boxer puppy who I named Lily. She is so cute and my son absolutely loves it when she chases him around! It is so cute.
I am getting really frustrated w/ not being able to get pregnant again. I want to be so bad. We went out and bought the Clearblue East Fertility Monitor, and it has helped a little, but obviously not enough! I think we are having problems because my cycles are so long, I think my eggs are bad by the time I ovulate!! Who knows. Like I said, I am going to talk to my doc. about going on Clomid and maybe that will help. If anyone is in a similar position, please join my post! I really need some people to talk with who are going through the same thing as me.


wannabeamom - June 28

Hi Tammy, We have a thread already in progress that we would like to invite you to. There are a lot of women who are supportive and knowledgable. We hope you show up. The thread is Anyone TTC in June? Looking for cycle buddies ... PART 4. We start a new one in July.


Tammy276 - June 28

Thanks, I posted over there a few times already. Everyone seems to know eachother so well and I felt out of place so I figured I would try to start my own and see if anyone joined in. If they don't oh well.


linds99 - June 28

Hi Tammy, I noticed you said you have really long cycles and it is taking a you a long time to conceive. I would really want to suggest for you this next month to start temping and keeping a record. I too had really long cycles (about 37-38-days) and have been trying to conceive since last November. So I started temping in February-Now, and I have a complete analysis in which I showed my doctor my cycles. She looked at them and immediately sent me to and RE and told my husband to get his sperm analysis. The truth is, if you have long cycles like this, you likely have a hormal issue that needs to be addressed. For me, after a full diagnostic with an RE this past month, I have been diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrom...the ONLY symptom I have of this disease seems to be a few extra follicles on my ovaries. I am thin, and don't have any other symptoms of this hormonal problem, but I never suspected i could have this. So, I would suggest to you to document the days you have sex with husband and take your temps right when you wake up everyday (start today if you need to.) And put it in a chart and you will get an idea what your body is doing or not doing. I hope you don't have PCOS, but if you do, you will definitely need assistance. I am starting Clomid this week for the first time and doing an IUI in a few weeks....


linds99 - June 28

Another thing, women with PCOS have higher risks of miscarriages...and the long cycles from what you indicated are another big issue for women with this issue.


wannabeamom - June 28

Goodluck Tammy! Youare always welcome on our thread. We are very close that is what makes our thread so great. Babydust


cmelissa - June 28

Hey Tammy, I'm currently on the 2ww but will join you guys anyways :)!! I also have long cycles - it is frustrating for sure. How did you get pregnant with #1?? The good thing is you know you can get pregnant!! I'm still waiting on ttc #1, been trying about 15 months and I'm 28 - my clock is ticking!! I 'm currently trying natural this cycle b/c my ovaries were swollen from my last cycle of injectibles. I tried clomid 3 cycles with IUI and nothing and than 2 cycles of repronex. May try clomid again next month b/c its cheaper!! Sending you baby dust!!! Also try the ovualtion tests. Linds99 are you on metformin?? I thought I had pcos too but my dr. said no, i think different drs have different diagnosis - who knows. Well have a great day!!


newmommy - June 29

Hi! My husband and I are ttc #1 after having a m/c in March. I also have long cycles (about 35 days or so), but this last one has been almost 9 weeks!!! My OB/GYN prescribed provera to start AF, and I took the first one today. I'm hoping to get AF soon so that I can start the "official" ttc game! I bought a Clearblue Easy fertility monitor a few weeks ago, and am still waiting for AF so I can actually use it! I am SO impatient to get pregnant, and also scared of another m/c when I do get pregnant. I am 27 and my husband is 28. My clock is definitely ticking, and I can't think about anything else right now. It consumes me! Oh--I also have 2 little pugs, who run the house right now! I've been hearing alot about PCOS lately--sounds a little scary. I think I'm going to read up on it. I can't wait to talk more with any of you. Let's all hope for a BFP soon!


Tammy276 - June 29

Hi ladies. I called my doc. today, and of course, she wasn't in. So I am going to call her tomorrow and see if I can get in with her and talk to her about some issues. It really bothers me that I have such long cycles. My friends and I sometimes get our AF's at the same time, and then the next month they're like, Oh my god! Your preg. You didn't get it yet. NO! I'm just first ovulating when they are getting their AF's. I hate it!! I really hope there is something she can do to help shorten them up. I am using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. Just a little advice, the first month is kinda tricky as to when you are actually going to ovulate. Because it is just getting to know your cycle, it gives you like 10 or 15 high days before you get your peak. So, plan on having sex alot the first month! Then after that, it will normally give you like 5 high and then 2 peak and another high. Or, if your body and monitor are stubborn like mine, this last month, it didn't give me any high days, and went straight from low to peak, so I had no clue I was going to ovulate. Hopefully this month it works out a little better. I have heard about the temping thing, but the only bad thing about that is your temps go up after you ovulate don't they? I usually just have to "guess" as to when I think I will ovulate. My cycles can range from 38 - 45 days, so I just tell hubby on like day 34 that we are having luvin every other night for the next two weeks. He never seems to argue with that one!! HAHA. I really hope I don't have PCOS, but I suppose it is something my doc. is going to check for. I am really thin as well. I'm about 5'6" and weigh 104. I've always been this thin and can't seem to gain weight. I actually liked being pregnant, cuz I filled out a little bit all over. Then, I lost it all and was pissed!! I was hoping to keep on 10 or 15 lbs.!! There are so many women on this sight who are taking clomid or doing IUI's, I couldn't believe it. Sometimes you feel like you are the only one who can't get pregnant. I hate going shopping and seeing all these pregnant woman and thinking to myself, "Why can't it be me?". Especially after my m/c, it was really hard. One of my good friends got pg. right after I m/c'd and it was so hard for me to be happy for her because of what I just went through. I'm better now, but I am scared to get pregnant again too because I am afraid of having another m/c. Thismay be a dumb question, but what exactly does clomid do? Does it help your eggs mature and help you ovulate or what? I really want to ask my doc. about it. Well ladies. Time for me to hit the sac. It is 12:30a.m. here and I just got home from Wal-Mart. Time for bed so I can get up early with my boy, (and dog!!). Babydust and goodnight!!


linds99 - June 29

Hi CMelissa, no, I am not on metmorfin. Actually, the only symptom of PCOS I have are the long cycles (ovulate usually between day 19-23) and I have a number of follicles on my ovaries that develop due to the long follicular phase (too much estrogen). I don't even have the classic pearl necklace that doctors look for. I had my blood check, including blood glucose fasting levels, and they are completely normal. The doctor was stumped but hopeful because she said that since I eat healthy and exercise, i probably have a mild case of the disease...(but I was like obviously it is not that mild if I can't get pregnant!) I've been trying since last November...nothing, using the monitor, temps, checking CM, BDing all the time, I did everything...and nothing. So I know, after doing the full range of RE testing, including the tubes, I am healthy...except not getting pregnant...So I am hopeful that clomid will kick start my ovaries this month and that an IUE of my husband's sperm will do the trick. (Oh, he has poor motility, which could also be our problem too.) But anyway, I guess some doctors label you PCOS even if you don't fit the classis case, or if you have only a few symptoms.


Sweetpea - June 29

Hi ladies, I would like to join you. I think I might be on the 2ww, but keep bd'ing just in case. I have been TTC #1 for over a year now and still no luck. I also have the Clearblue monitor and have been using if for since January (I think?). I didn't use it this month because I just started Clomid this cycle (50 mg days 3-7) and I think that I should reset the monitor first and missed my window for doing that. I have only gotten a peak in one cycle, and one cycle I never got any peaks or any highs. I started temping again this month, and have come to realize I can't rely on a monitor to be 99.9% accurate. I have cycles all over the place, the last one was 27 days, before that 39 and so on... I hope this will be our lucky thread! I wish us all tons of stick baby dust!!


newmommy - June 30

Tammy---I know exactly what you mean about noticing pregnant women and being jealous. They're everywhere!!! I told my husband that I think I'm the only person in the world NOT pregnant right now. Especially after the m/c--it was hard to see so many women out there happily huge and pregnant. LINDS---is being thin a warning for PCOS? I'm also thin--about 102, going on 9 weeks this cycle, but they've always been 32-35 days or so and irregular, until the BC pills. I'm going to read up on it. Luck to us all!


alley_ - June 30

I was also diagnosed w/ PCOS in April of this year. I have no other symptoms (i'm also thin; but do have tiny cysts on my ovaries) except that after going off the BCP I didn't get AF on my own for 5 months; so I went on provera last month to induce it. I saw an endocrinologist who wants me to take provera on days 1-7 of each month for 3 months to hopefully train my body to start ovulating on it's own. I have an appt in September to see a fertility dr if I'm not pg by then; then they'll put me on Clomid. This whole thing is certainly a test of patience.


Tammy276 - June 30

I agree about the whole test of patience thing. I am starting to get really impatient. I was at the store today, and there was a preg. lady behind me, and all I could think to myself was "b*@ch!". Isn't that horrible! I just keep thinking to myself that it's never going to happen again. I mean I haevge one healthy son, so I know I can get preg., and have a healthy pregnancy, but the first time around it was so easy.....and we weren't really trying. I wasn't temping or anything and had no clue when i was ovulating. We just said when it happens it happens...and bam. Two months later i was pregnant. Now this time we are trying, and it seems like its taking forever!! Hopefully this month will be everyones lucky month for BFP's!! I forgot to call my doc. today. I was busy so busy running around, and my boy and dog were being little pistols today!! Must have been something in the air.!! I am waiting for a box of test sticks for my monitor. They are sending me a complimentary box because the last one I bought was bad and didn't show me when I was ovulating...So I called the company like 3 weeks ago and they said they would send me a box....never I called again and they are like well you should have gotten them, but we'll send another one. Uhh, yeah ya will!! I would like them so I can test this month and not have to go spend another $40 on a box!! Anywho. I think I am definately going to ask my doctor about PCOS and see what she thinks. She is so nice and know she is willing to do anything to help out. Well, better get going so I can check out the rest of the posts. Good night ladies.


Tammy276 - June 30

Well, I am back one last time before I hit the sack. I just took my migraine meds. and are waiting for them to kick in. Seriously, If I wouldn't have gotten this last AF, I would think I was pregnant. I feel like shit, and I have had mild cramps ever since Af, actually, not even during AF, just after Af ended, and I am super emotional, and constipated. I didn't even get the normal AF poops (sorry if tmi). I just feel like crap. And now on top of it I have a migraine!! I definatley need my doc. to do something for me here. I seriously think my long cycles are making me have a major hormonal imbalance. I am normally in a really good mood after AF, not this month!!! Too much stress. I can't wait until my week vacation that is coming up. I need it. I took off for our anniversary (will be 3 years July 19th). Lucky for me I should be ovulating around that time, so since how we both have vacation, neither one of us should be tired or crabby, so it will be a perfect time!! With my luck, this will be one of those months that I ovulate early. The way I'm feeling now, I feel like I could be ovulating, stupid cramps!! You would think after AF is gone, that they would go away too, but no, they decided to stick around. Sometimes I really hate being a female!! So I went to go bring some movies back tonight right, and on my way home, there was a car pulled over and the passanger was standing outside taking a pee.....Nice. Just what I want to see. Good thing my hubby wasn't w/ me cuz he probably would have taken the plates down and sent them a ticket in the mail the next day.(He's a police officer incase you didn't catch on!!) Sometimes I love the fact that he's a cop, and other times I can't stand it!!! O.K. enough chating for me. I really need to go to bed and get rid of this migraine. Good night., again!!


Sweetpea - June 30

I hope everyone is feeling well, it's Friday! I keep getting cramps off and on, I seem to be crampy and moody off and on all month. Where is everyone at in their cycle?


Tammy276 - July 1

Hi everyone.. I'm on CD 9. YUCK!! I want to be further along so we can start ttc!!! I called my doc. on Friday, but she was not available. At least the nurse I talked to this time was very nice instead of just telling me there is nothing we can do, which is exactly what the last nurse said to me. This time she actually gave me hope, and said that she was going to have the doctor call me back on Monday so I could talk directly with her. Sounds good to me. What is everyones plans for the 4th of July? I think we are going to have mom babysit and head out to watch the fireworks. This weekend my mother-in-law is staying with us. I think I am going to need a drink or two when I am done working tonight!!LOL The woman drives me crazy!!! Well gotta go for now. I'll check in later.



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