Anyone TTC in JULY? Looking for cycle buddies??
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Sweetpea - July 17

Tammy-my fingers are crossed for you, maybe your earlier o-time produced a batter egg for you?!! Liltif-I think unexplained is much better than PCOS, that would be a terrible thing to have to deal with. I've read posts from women on how they've done several IUI's and tried many years with no luck, breaks my heart and scares me. I'm currently on CD7 so about halfway there. I pray to God that this is the month I can concieve!


Tammy276 - July 17

Good afternoon ladies. Thought I would check in before I go to work. It is another hot one here today too, about 96. So much for the lake cooling us off, which is normally the case. We are normally about 10 or 15 degrees cooler than cities a bit inland because we normally get a nice breeze off of the lake that cools us off....NOT the case these last few days! I looked at the forcast and it said a high of 75 for tomorrow....Thank god, that will feel so good compared to today!! Well, I am on cd 26 or somewhere around there, so just a few more days for me until I find out! I hope we get a couple of BFP's this month! Well, I better go get ready for work.. I will check in later.


liltif - July 17

Thanks Sweetpea. I know what you mean. I just don't like not having any answers. But the doc is also hopeful since I did get pg 2x on my own, even though I only have one beautiful DD, I am even more grateful for. I am on cd 8 so we are 1 day apart. The only thing is, is that I don't know if I'll O with out the clomid. I've only had 2 or 3 cycles on my own since Jan! OH well, like I said, I have to let it go. Good luck to everyone, you are all in my prayers!


kitten117 - July 17

Hi everyone, Tammy, Tiffany, and Sweetpea- I cross my fingers for you guys. Hopefully, this is your month. Newmommy- yes, I contacted my OB last week and still waiting for her e-mail me back. I had very weird periods last several months too; I had my period for the whole month of Feb. and I contacted my OB after 2 weeks of the period. My OB was on her vacation, so I saw a different OB. He told me that weird periods might happen to any woman sometimes and the long period would stop by itself. God…..I had the long period for the whole month. After 2 months, and the period didn’t come for over 60 days (I thought I was pregnant for almost a month because I had all kinds of pregnancy signs). Then, after 63 or 65 days the period finally came. I think my cycles are really screwed. I came back from Reno yesterday; it was very very hot and dry there. I’m so glad that I’m back to the Bay Area. Still waiting for my O….....seems like forever…..good luck and happy Monday everyone.


Tammy276 - July 18

Hey ladies. Just checking in..Nothing new to report on my end....We had a cold front move through the state today, so it is nice and cool here now....AHHHH so refreshing! It went from like 95 down to 65!! Yeah, it feels great...Normally I would be complaining that 65 is too cold for me, but after 3 days of 90 some degree heat, I am loving it...even though it is only supposed to last for a day and then get hot again.......It will be a decent hot though. LIke 80's, perfect for laying out in and getting a tan!! Well, I went to the dollar three today and bought a test, I am still planning on testing on Friday which will be like cd 29 or 30....something like that... I will be 13dpo, and I normally have a 17 day lutal I am testing a bit early, but if my cramping was implantation, then I think the test would come back positive by then if I am preggers. Well, time for bed for this gal, I can't stop yawning! Good night to you all!!


Sweetpea - July 18

liltif-is there any reason why you can't go back on clomid? Kitten-I would be upset if I had a month long period and the doctor told me it would stop by itself, I hope your body can become regular again.


liltif - July 18

Sweetpea, I chose not to do another round of the clomid. It was making me very moody, lost my patience, and some of the side effects dizzy, headache, etc. Plus all the bw, tests, and the clomid was not covered by insurance, so it was getting a little too expensive. I think that I might have some left over in my system bc I have had a headache every day! I will take a break for a while (6 months or more) and see what happens. Thanks for asking though.


kitten117 - July 19

My BO replied me back last night. She told me “it often takes couples up to a year to get pregnant”. So, it was not unusual that my DH and I still haven’t had any luck. She asked me to make an appointment with her next month to talk more about my situation. I mean…I know that it takes time to conceive…….,but I hate to be disappointed every month and thinking something must be wrong with me. Anyways, I will make the appointment and see what going on.


Sweetpea - July 19

liltif-I've heard of people getting pregnant right after stopping clomid so maybe you'll be one of those women! Kitten-I knew something was wrong wtih me but the doctor wouldn't hear it until after a full year. I understand that some people are impatient and the doctors want them to wait, and/or learn how their body works but I think doctors should check listen more to women. I'm glad your BO will see you to talk about it.


Tammy276 - July 19

I say screw the doctors!! It is our body, our lives...If we want help ttc, then we should be able to get help ttc... It should be our decision. Not theirs! Anywho. I tested w/ an OPK this morning and it showed me a HIGH reading.....hhhmmm. Could be a good thing! I am hoping I am preggers and it is starting to pick up the horomones. Or, the bad situation would be that when my monitor showed me a peak this time, it was just a surge and I didn't O, and I could be O'ing now w/ another surge? I don't know. I hope its the first option! I am going to test with the OPK again tomorrow and thursday to see what happens.....and BD just incase my body is playing tricks on me, which wouldn't be cool AT ALL!!. Well, my little lily is starting to get snuggly which means it is time for her to get to bed. Have to let her out one last time to go potty. I'll probably check in tomorrow (even though it is our anniversary to I'll prob. get yelled at for being on the computer!!) Good night ladies.


Shauna - July 19

Hi TAMMY. Just wanted to say again HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!


Tammy276 - July 19

Well, my opk was looking good again this morning, even better than yesterday! I am going to break and take an hpt tomorrow a.m. I can' t wait until Friday. Well, my son was throwing up last night until almost 2 a.m. YUCK! He only got sick three times and then was fine, so I don't think it was the flu, I think he would have been sicker than that. He wasn't running a fever and didn't have yucky poops, so who knows. Maybe it was something he ate. All I know is my husband fed him mac n cheese and hot dogs for supper!! Gross!! I think he just ate too much and then his bed time bottle over did it for him because he started getting sick like an hour after he layed down w/ his bottle. Who knows. He's better now, that is all that matters! Thanks Shauna!! My hubby and I haven't even said Happy Anniversary to each other yet, can you tell how romantic we are!! LOL! Well, we were both pretty tired today, so neither one of us has really thought about it yet. It is my sisters 3rd anniversary today too, we had a double was pretty cool getting married at the same time and parents anniversary is tomorrow! neat huh? Well, I will check in later or tomorrow,, tomorrow for sure to let you know the test results...It will prob. be a bfn, but ya never know!


newmommy - July 20

Hey all. I have a question for all of you that have the fertility monitor. I'm on cd7 right now. I had AF until cd5 (I thought) and tested for o on cd6, which came out "high." I thought AF was over, but came back that night, and has been light again today, which also tested "high." It's my first month with the monitor. Is it strange to still have AF and be testing "high?" I don't want to miss out because AF is in the way! :-) Oh---this is also my first AF after provera. Any suggestions???


Sweetpea - July 20

Tammy-Good luck tomorrow. Newmommy-Most people get a lot of highs their first month, so you may get 10 or more highs so try not to worry.


Tammy276 - July 20

newmommy, the first cycle that you use the monitor, you will probably go through 20 test sticks. The first month using it, it has you start testing early, and will give you at least 5 high days if not 10 before it shows you your peak. I think I had around 10 or 12 days of high before it showed me peak.. Its the monitors way of getting to know your cycle and it has you start testing early so that it doesn't miss your peak...So I wouldn't worry about having AF yet, you have a few days to go before you'll see PEAK. Well guess what ladies? I got too impatient and tested tonight...First I used the dollartree brand hpt and it showed me a faint positve, so I wasn't sure since how it was a cheapy....So I went and bought a clearblue easy digital test, and guess what? After a minute it showed me PREGNANT!! Holy crap a BFP for me??? A did a little happy dance in the bathroom, I know I'm stupid!!! I am so scared though that I wil m/c again....I am going to get a blood test done tomorrow and I am going to ask what my levels are at....then I may even ask to get a test done a few days after to make sure my levels are doubling like they should be. I just can't help but be worried after what happened the last time...I don't want to go through it again!! But I thought I would share the good new with you guys right away so I could have some support. I showed my hubby and said Happy Anniversary, and he didn't beleive me, even though he saw it w/ his own eyes. He's like "whatever, it's your sisters, you just saw her and she gave it to you"....yeah, cuz I like carrying around my sisters pregnancy tests!! Anyway. right after I saw the PREGNANT my cramps started up, like I'm going to get AF. That happened the last time too when I found out. It must be nerves or something! Well, I better go.....I'll check in tomorrow when I get the results back from the doctor!!


liltif - July 20

Tammy a big CONGRATS!!!! The cramps could be the normal stretching.. or nerves. Try not to worry about it. I know, easy to say but hard to do!

Good Luck to the rest of us! Maybe this is the start of something?



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