anyone taking femera and for how long?
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caydensmommy - September 6

I have had 2m/csince we started trying in 2005 I didn't expect any problems since i got pregnant with our first child on the pill. We got pregnant 4 months later we went in for an u/s at 13 weeks because i had a lot of problems with the first baby(he is 51/2) it was a blighted ovum and was still growing I had to have a d&c the dr. said we could try again 1 month later finially 9 months later we found out i was pregnant again went in for blood work and they said it was a chemical pregnancy the dr. said to go ahead and take my femera and progesterone as scheduled turned out i was pregnant but my numbers weren't moving staying the exact same then they would drop and then rise we found out it was tubal and instead of losing it I was bleeding from my tube into my ovary and into a small cyst that had ruputered that was 3 months ago still taking femera and no baby yet emotionally and physially I don't know how much more I can take. Is anyone taking the femera and for how long?


skeeter - September 6

This is my third cycle with it. I'm also using Ovidrel injections as well to make me ovulate.



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