anyone know how to contact cheri for prediction part II
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JB0405 - August 1

WOW!!! That's great Whynot & Thay!!! I am very excited for you both!! This so cool! I am in my 2ww and there are signs of either implantation or af... I am trying to remain positive but I am a little scared! I still have a week to go!! Let's all wait together!!! Lots of luck and baby dust to all!!


whynotme - August 2

JB, I hope that af hasn't shown up yet! When is she due?? How is everyone else doing??


JB0405 - August 2

Hey whynot... so far so good... still some brown spotting! I am nervous and try not to think about it much... easier said than done! I have been praying that everything goes smoothly. I wonder how long the spotting will last... There's no sign of anything in my urine or on my liner, just when I wipe... what makes the wait worse is that I have been thru this before and I don't want it to end badly as it did before...7 more days!


JB0405 - August 3

Good Morning all...Since Sunday I saw signs of something and then this morning it is no longer a sign, I have AF... I am so damn angry right now! I know it's normal to feel different emotions after being let down so many times but I am just really pissed! Just had to vent... Thanks and have a POSITIVE day!


slowpoke01 - August 3

JB i am so sorry to hear that. isnt it early for you to be getting a/f? i thought that you had like a week to go? if it is early a/f you may check into getting a progesterone supplement to legnthen you luteal phase because if a/f is early then that makes you have a short phase and you have to have a 10-14 day leteal phase for implantation to take place. you may want to talk to your doc about that. i am so sorry though i was so hoping that this was ur month


slowpoke01 - August 4

hey girls how are you all doing? JB are you alright? i know it is tough girl but dont give up and i am here if you ever want to talk.


JB0405 - August 4

Hey Slow, I'm doing ok! Dr will be giving me Lupron & GonalF... I have an appt. on Aug 18th to learn about the drugs and how to administer them, looks like I will be doing another IUI... Not too soon for af... pretty much on time, well as on time as possible with PCOS... In the mean time I will just relax and not think about it! Have a great weekend!


thayward7 - August 4

I just checked Cheri's web-site and the by-pass option is now available. I just paid and can't wait to hear what she says. I couldn't wait - I sent my original e-mail to her at the end of June and she is currently working on April 29th requests. How is everyone? - T


slowpoke01 - August 4

hey JB- you still could get pregnant in august. dont get down about it i know its easier said than done..i hope that this will be the last cycle that u have to go through. Thayward- that is great be sure to let us know what she says. oh also i had an update to my it is..-i asked her would i have more kids or just the one and this was her reply she didnt charge me any extra for this response---
Hi Jamie

Would tell you that I see a boy after and they are giving me 18 months. So that is either how far apart they will be in age, or thats when you will get pregnant with him is when your daughter will be 18 months old.

As for SEPT, that would be either Sept as the concieve/find out 2006, or sept EDD 2007. I have not had it go past that as of yet.



NB - August 5

Hey girls! I finally heard back from Cheri last week, and she said June: either conceive, find out or birth month, and that it would be a boy... I just found out this week that I am pg and due in April. Her prediction wasn't right for me, but that's ok, as I am still very excited!


thayward7 - August 5

I just got Cheri's prediction! I can't believe how quickly... she said a boy and conceived in September. I am in my 2WW right now... I hope she is a month off! The doctor said that if this cycle doesn't work, I have to take a 2 cycle break. - T


thayward7 - August 5

I sent Cheri a reply asking what she meant by "conceive", kind of describing my situation... she quickly e-mailed back saying that her predictions mean conceive, find-out or deliver... and that her feeling was for September 2006!!! I am hopeful.
- T


thayward7 - August 6

Hey Gals... hope everyone had a nice Saturday!

SMILES and fertile thoughts!
- T


JB0405 - August 7

******ALERT***** A NEW THREAD HAS BEEN STARTED... THIS THREAD HAS GOTTEN VERY LONG...PLEASE JOIN US ON "anyone know how to contact cheri for prediction part 3"... see you there!! ***********JOIN US*******


danaroach - August 30

what information did you all include in your email??? i paid but didn't put any info in the comment section...oops



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