anyone know how to contact cheri for prediction part II
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Becky - July 30

slowpoke where do you get the option to pay for your prediction.


thayward7 - July 30

Becky, I was just on Cheri's site and it said the pay option is not available right now because she is busy with a move or something. Slowpoke - good luck with the clomid! I have had hotflashes galore this cycle - it has seemed worse because it has been so hot and humid here too. Anyway, I am on cycle day 12, my follie is still too small (15mm) - hopefully Tuesday it will be ready for my trigger shot.... then 36 hours later my IUI. I am so excited and hopeful. Hope everyone is doing well!
- T


whynotme - July 31

Wow Jamie! That's crazy about your prediction. I had no idea that it would be that involved! I bet it just gives you goose bumps when you read it. I know that when I read my prediction I started balling my eyes out. It was the first bit of light I had seen in a long time. So today is your first day on clomid, right? Did the Dr. up your dosage this time or are you just doing same and with the trigger? Just think, Cheri linked you with Sept. and it's possible that you might find out by Sept. if this IUI worked. I guess it just depends on how fast your follicle(s) grows. Good luck!!
JB - How are things going with you. Have you broke down and tested yet?? I would definitely wait until August 1st to test, HE HE HE....
Tawnya - Good luck with this IUI. I have my fingers crossed for you!! What mg. of clomid are you on?


JB0405 - July 31

Hi everybody! WOW, slow.. that sounds great! I am ok, I think I have af... yesterday afternoon I went to the bathroom and saw a brownish red stain in my undies, YUK! When I wiped, there was some but not much. I immediately put on a pad... so we'll see! it could be implantation bleeding, who knows?! I am trying to remain optimistic but realistic at the same time! Hey Thayward, good luck!!!


slowpoke01 - July 31

JB i am hoping that it is implantation bleeding let me know what happens and if you need to talk i am here BECKY- to pay if you have a paypal account you can just go to paypal and just use cheri's email address that is what i did. the cost is $6.00 WHYNOTME that is what i am worried about that it will be another cycle before i will get pregnant but im not trying to hold much on what cheri says. i hope that she is wrong about the hope everyone is doing well take care and have a great day.


JB0405 - July 31

Hey slow, I believe that af is coming!!! I just have a feeling! I hope all goes well for everyone!


whynotme - July 31

JB, don't worry!!! If a/f comes then August is not a bust for you!! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel! Keep your head up girl and don't give up!


JB0405 - July 31

Thanks whynot!!! I appreciate it!


thayward7 - July 31

Whynotme... I took 50mg of clomid on days 5-9 for my first 3 cycles, then the same dose but days 4-8 for this cycle. Follie monitoring tomorrow! I am excited... I think she's ready to go. Smiles to everyone!
- T


JB0405 - July 31

Hey whynot, I'm sorry I didn't see your other email... that's weird!! No I have not broken down, LOL!!! AUGUST 9TH is the date so I will have to wait! I didn't mean for that to rhyme...maybe I can have a rap career, LOL!!! NAH!!! I haven't had any other signs of af so we'll see...GO THAYWARD!!! GO THAYWARD!!! let us know how the follies are doing!


slowpoke01 - August 1

jb- i am so hoping that this is your month. i go in today and have follicle monitoring done so i will let you girls know what happens


whynotme - August 1

Oh girls guess what??? I went in for my day 12 u/s yesterday at 2:30 and I have 4 of them! Woooopeeeeeeeee!!! I have 3 big ones and one average. Amazingly enough I am doing the trigger tonight and IUI on Thursday morning. The best part of it is my birthday is Thursday. How weird is that???? He seems very pleased with how I progressed this cycle. He said that if this cycle doesn't work he wants to do an HSG. And after that he thinks that it might be a good idea to switch donors.


JB0405 - August 1

Thanks Slow, I am hanging in there! Good Luck with everything!! Whynot, I am confused... another donor? Maybe I missed something... anyway, I hope this works out for you!! I will keep you in my thoughts!! Lots of baby dust to all!!!


thayward7 - August 1

YAHOO whynot!!!!! Guess what! I will have my trigger tonight too and my IUI on Thursday as well! We will have the identical 2WW... SMILES AND FERTILE THOUGHTS EVERYONE!


whynotme - August 1

JB, we are using a sperm donor because my husband is infertile. It was a tough decision but definitely the right one. We are super excited about bringing a little baby into the world from start to finish!


JB0405 - August 1

WOW!!! That's great Whynot & Thay!!! I am very excited for you both!! This so cool! I am in my 2ww and there are signs of either implantation or af... I am trying to remain positive but I am a little scared! I still have a week to go!! Let's all wait together!!! Lots of luck and baby dust to all!!



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