anyone know how to contact cheri for prediction part II
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slowpoke01 - June 11

just thought that i would start a new thread as the other one was getting really long so has anyone gotten any replies from cheri how is everyone doing? good luck to all


Lynn - June 11

I e-mailed her in March and got a reply a week later. She said 6 months and a boy. I got pregnant in May and we are not sure we will be finding out gender. I am not sure how I feel about her prediction. I put no personal info in my e-mail. I just asked if she had any idea.


kelley32 - June 11

I also emailed her in March and got a reply a couple of days later ... she predicted that I would conceive within 2 months and it would be a boy ... she also new that I have a daughter and that she has blonde shoulder length hair. I got my BFP in April and will only be finding out the sex at the birth, so I will let her know then if she was right.


crystal74 - June 11

i emailed her back in march and she said we would know within four months and it would be a boy. well four month from march would be june/july. we just did our very first IUI yesterday morning, so let's hope she is RIGHT!!!!!!


NatashaV - June 11

Hi ladies, I emailed Cheri in early May, then again in late May - no response. I just emailed her a couple of days ago again, and she replied. She said she liked my subject line (I put 'third times the charm for a prediction?" since it was my 3rd email to her). Anyway, she said boy and that it would have to do with September. Either conceive, find out or birth in Sept. That's not really great news since we've already been trying for over 2 years, but we'll see! At least I got my answer..take care all!


Cloe - June 11

Hi, I e-mailed Cherie on April 2, and on April 14 she replied with Oct. and boy. That being either birth month, conceive month, or find out month. So far she could be right, but not sure. Good luck to everyone!


Jaqi - June 11

Cheri told me Boy and Oct also. I wish I knew what Oct!! Oct of 2006 or 3006?? lol I don't see it being this year because of the problems they say I have with the endo scaring my tubes pretty bad. Maybe it will be next year, since I am trying to save money to do IVF in January!


slowpoke01 - June 12

w2g to all it sounds very positive for everyone she told me in may that it would be sept find out concieve or birth and girl with hazel eyes and light golden brown hair so hope she is right for everyone


slowpoke01 - June 12

jaqi it sounds like it could be october of next year because if you have ivf in january of next year then october would be 9 months so that is really good baby dust to all


Jaqi - June 12

Slowpoke, yeah that is what I'm thinking. At least, that's what I'm hoping!! I wish it was this October but maybe it will be next year hopefully if I get to do IVF in January


slowpoke01 - June 12

Jaqi- you will be able to do IVF in january i know how us women are when we put our mind to do something thats what we do we save all the pennies we can and we do without to get what we want so i know that you will be able to have IVF in january because it is something that you want so bad that you would do anything for i hope that i am encouraging you a little know how it is when you have been doing this stuff for so long sometimes you need a little it looks really hopeful for next year and thats what i would use all my energy towards if i were you..just keep thinking that in january next year you will be pregnant with your beautiful baby and january isnt that far away only about 7 months so dont think about how long it is just think about how it will feel when you find out you are PG i know its hard to do anyways i am wishing you good luck and sending out some baby dust for everyone


JB0405 - June 13

Hey Slow... good idea, starting the new thread... just to remind everyone of my prediction, it was August & boy! We just had an IUI on Friday... so the 2ww is on and I hope all goes POSITIVE!! Baby dust to all!


slowpoke01 - June 13

JB- i am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you to get that BFP i know the wait is about to kill you my dr decided not to do the hcg trigger because i have so far to drive and they would have to monitor me so much so if the iui that i have this week doesnt work then i am gonna make sure they do the trigger next monthwell take care and baby dust to all


JB0405 - June 13

Hey slow... Good luck with everything & keep us posted... thanks for the support!


slowpoke01 - June 14

JB- thanks for the support i really appreciate it keep me posted on you want to know what is going on


JB0405 - June 14

Hey Slow, I gave myself the 2nd HCG shot this morning, I hope it works this time... I have been feeling a little funny lately but don't want to make too much of it... I emailed Cheri today to ask if anything in her "vision" of me has changed, I will let you know what she says... What's going on with you? Good Luck to everyone...Baby Dust to all!


JB0405 - June 14

She said nothing has changed... She still sees August/Boy! I am so hoping to prove her wrong... I pray that this IUI worked!



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