Anyone for whom anemia is an impediment?
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Prisoner_of_Hope - June 13

Hi Ladies,

I am just wondering if any of you TTC is anemic. I suffer with chronic anemia due to heavy periods and (I think) anatacid abuse (I used eat rolaids like candy because I crave chalky crumbly things). My once beautiful thick hair is now very thin. The periods I believe have begun to get better and I am waging a war to build my hemoglobin and ferritin levels. My hemoglobin was 8 and then went up to 9.5 the back down to 9. Ferritin is 6. I finally threw out the iron pills as they only constipated me and my bloodwork showed no improvement. I am now using Floradix and liquid chlorophyll and I feel so much better!!! I see the hematologist on 21st and hope my numbers are up considerably. Its such a catch 22 - low iron makes for long periods, long periods make for low iron. I just hope, by God's grace, the Flordix and chlorophyll work.

I'd like to know if anyone else has a similar challenge. Thanks!


apple - June 13

I'm anemic as well, but not for a long time, just recently, the last couple months. My periods seem alot heavier and longer, and i have bruises everywhere, from nothing!!! I've been drinking chlorophyll as well, do you find it helps, i like it for my asthma as well, it's not bad. Hope you're doing better!


Prisoner_of_Hope - June 13

Hi Apple,

I am really liking the chlororphyll. I have seasonal asthma (when winter turns to spring), so I am glad to hear that LC benefits asthma. I still feel a bit light headed but I definitely feel an improvement. I am going to continue talking it. My body absorbs the floradix well also so I am going to continue that as well.



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