Anyone Af-ing Right Now? Join The pitty Party!
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sherry - January 16

iam on CD2, of my worst period ever. i thought i might have been pregnant this month, cause of some strange symptoms, but nope. wondering if anyone else is close in cycle days, also having af, and would like to join in, and be cycle buds.

hugs, sherry


Holly - January 16

I am on CD44 and AF still has not shown up this month.. I have wierd cramps and twinges ... hope you get through your AF ok.. *~Baby Dust*~


mckenzie - January 16

Hey sherry i felt the same way this month i was almost certain. I am on cd5. I had some strange symptoms too. Next month


Azaria - January 17

i am on cd 2 as accompanied by lot of stretchy cm..dont whats up with that. so disheartened...please god help me


Two Moms - January 17

I am on CD5 already. Friday I had the worst cramps ever but no bleeding. Finally AF came that evening and I thought I would die from cramps! AF was short though and no cramping beyond day 1. Im on my 3rd day (and 3rd round) of clomid which explains the cramping. We have an ultrasound 1/23 and then IUI 1/24 or 1/25. This cycle I am motivated to really eat right and exercise and trick my 37 y/o body into thinking it's young and healthy again, HA! I just don't know what to do differently to make it work. This will be my 9th IUI. Think positive and know that we are here for each other.


sherry - January 17

hey girls. welcome to the pitty party. we are all pretty close, so let's stay together. i had some weird mucus this month as well. why do our bodies trick us this way? my period is still heavy and painful on CD3 now, which it usually lets up a bit by now, but no dice. i usually have it for 5 days, no more no less. what about you girls? here is to hoping this coming cycle is ours!!! go luck two moms' i posted to you on the #4 circle of friends thread. i hope you get your wish. you 2 deserve it.


Dee - January 17

i'm on cd 2 right now and hating life! i also had weird things going on with my body...this month up until i got af i had stretchy ewcm and was totally confused. i dont understand why our bodies just dont cooperate with us. dh and i have been trying for over 2 years with absolutely no luck. i have pretty normal periods and i think i'm pretty healthy and for some reason i cant get pregnant if my life depended on it! this is just soooooooooooo frustrating! well good luck to all of you this year!


Azaria - January 17

hi Dee, it seems like me and you, we are both in the same boat. how old r u:? when is ur next af due? am on cd3 today.


MaMaMarie - January 17

yupp I just started this morning after being 2 weeks late. SUPER disappointed


Dee - January 17

hey Azaria! i'm 22 years old and my dh is 23. i'm only on cd 2 right now so af probably will be due for me on Valentines day (oh joy). happy V-day, huh? lol how old are you (if you dont mind me asking)? how long have you been ttc? for me it seems like a's been 2 years and 3 months since we started ttc and not 1 pregnancy. are your cycles usually pretty normal? mine were a little out of whack for the last 2 months, but it seems to be getting back on track now. well i've got work to do...i'll check in here later...bye for now.


Azaria - January 18

Hi Dee, am 23, and hubby is 26. i have been trying for nearly 18 months now. i know am ovulating..had tests done and also lots of cm on ov day.It does seem like a lifetime of trying to get pregnant...every month with huge disappointments. hopefully we both have valentine surprise...god willing & baby dust. were u on any kind of contraceptive before u started ttcing?? i was on depo for 2 years went off it on march 2003. been more than two years.
till dust


einfanti - January 18

Hi Everyone! I don't really have the right to join the pity party at this moment - IUI 2 days ago, so I am in 2ww. I need info though. I noticed a few posts about a clear sticky discharge. I am 2dp IUI and the discharge is crazy. Also, bachache and strange feeling inside, not period crampy, but more like constipation crampy. Any thoughts as to what it is?


mckenzie - January 18

Good morning ladies. Am now on cd 7 am 24 and dh is 24 as well. ttc for 10mnths now. dh will be having an semen anaylsis done on friday and am considering having an HSG done. I heard alot of women got pregnant after having it done. Did any of you ladies had this test done.


Dee - January 18

hey Azaria. yes it would be wonderful to get that kind of Valentine's present...i'm crossing fingers, toes, arms, legs and anything else that can be crossed! :o) no, i have never taken birth control as i heard it can cause breast cancer and that runs in my family and i didn't want to push it. plus i've heard of all kinds of other nasty side effects from different kinds of birth control, so i never used anything but condoms. i know i ovulate because i've charted temps and i also get lots of ewcm while Oing, so i know it's not a problem as far as that. my dh is overweight and smokes though (which i'm trying to make him stop) so i'm thinking our problem lies with his swimmers (although i dont want to put the blame entirely on him), but i'm going to have him do a SA in a few months. first i'm going to get an hsg done just to make sure i dont have blocked tubes or something and then if everything comes back good dh is going for an SA. i'm hoping that i'll get pg before all of that, but in case that doesn't happen that's what i'll be looking forward to in the next few months. i haven't used OPK's in awhile so i was going to try them again this month and see if it works this time. so i've got 3 days down this month and about 10 to go before Oing and i'm hoping this will be it. good luck and i'll be back in here later.


Elyse - January 18

McKenzie, HSG is a good thing to have - just to make sure there are no blockages. Sometimes the test itseld can clear a blockage if it isn't too bad. But it hurts. They tell you to take Tylenol or something b/c you will have mild cramping - BS!! If you can get your hands on some real (Rx) pain killers, do it. My 1st HSG was torture - I took 2 Tylenol. So for my 2nd one, I got hold of some Hydrocodone - what a difference! Didn't feel a thing.


Azaria - January 18

hi Dee, thats a good plan, u know my hubby has the same problem, smoking problem. am trying to get him to quit as well,,,,but he always sneaks somewhere. u know too make ur hubby's sperm more active give him two table spoons of honey before he goes to bed, thats what am givin my hubby from this month. apparently it will strengthen their sperm and make it more active. I am registered to go to fertility clinic as well, but in 6 months time. its a free public one. they will do everything possible to find out whats wrong....and if worst come to worst then will go for an IVF. CD 4 today....


mckenzie - January 18

Thanks for your reply elyse. How long you've been ttc. Azaria your lucky to have a clinic as such. I wish it was something like that where i lived. The expense of finding out why ttc can be so difficult is a emotional turmoil. My insurance doesn't cover anything at all.



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