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Lynn - June 5

Hey girls....Lori, keep that info on Johnny coming. I love to hear more language from munchkins who had a rough beginning. I have not checked e-mail so I have not seen any pictures but as soon as I am done here, I going to my e-mail next. Tracy, I vote a puppy if dh will allow. I am only allowed 2 pets (our agreement) and I have 2 kitties. Did you make it to work? I would love not to work however, my paycheck keeps a roof over our heads so....I am working. CC, how did that IUI go today? What time is tomorrow's? Did they do a follie chcek or just go by the 4 you had? D, My SIL is a nurse and she said as long as it was not puffy and stuff draining, it should be okay but watch. If it hurts to the touch, I might call (mainly because I am always in panic mode). Shauna....How are you? When is school out for all your kids? Question for you...how many kids live with you and are you also a weekend spot for foster kids to go to sometimes? I admire and often thought about being a foster family. I was actually reading all the stuff you need to do to become one. I however was a little overwhelmed. Andrea, how is the 2ww going? Keep us posted. Okay going to check out e-mail and see everyone. chat later. pizza for dinner tonight. another thread???? I need to think of something catchy. I am not good at this. let me think and I will try. Your girls are the BOMB!!!!


Lynn - June 5

UGH.....forgot to share levels....forgetting already.... Friday was cd 30 and levels were 67.9. Sunday was cd 32 and levels were 179. Both RE and OB were glad they doubled. later....


CC - June 5

Hi girlies...IUI went well, same as last time. Post wash dh had 17 mil sperm w/ 83% motility..Numbers were the same as the last IUI. Tomorrow I will go back @ 8:15. We were there so long today I decided to take the rest of the day off, and so did dh. We went to lunch, and we also saw the Break Up. It was cute. I wanted to see Da Vinci Code but our timing was off. Lynn, your levels look great! Do you know when you will be having your 1st u/s? Lynn, the progesterone..Mine wasnt cream, they are capsules that you stick up your who ha..I started spotting while taking them, right around the time AF was due. Once I stopped taking them, AF came. I did ask my RE about it last month, she said some wont get AF until they stop them, others will get AF while taking them, its different for everyone. Is she pregnant and thats why she is taking them?? Tracy, when you said you were pregnant w/ a tampon I laughed. Too funny. Did you get your cd 3 b/w results back? Lori, you sound so good..Its amazing what the stress of ttc can do to your life without you even noticing. I envy that you are done, but you are done for a great reason, not just done to be done, and thats admirable. I dont know about your question about Johnny and sleeping in his crib, etc. I have daily anxiety about what I would do w/ my own kids in situations like that. Im no authority!! jcr, Thursday is almost here. WE are all excited (Lynn, does your DH know he is sharing his child w/ us all yet?!) d, still ttc w/ a bum knee. I love it..Thats the addiction Lori was talking about, I know..I have it too! Shout out to Shauna..lol. 4 kids and thats a slow month??!! I dont know how you do it, but Im so glad you do. Going to brunch w/ my g/f yesterday and her dh and 3 kids..Phew!! All I know is 3 is a lot! Guess I'll go chk my emails..I need to get some pics posted and have dh teach me how to email them so you can all see my face. I agree, its much nicer to put a name w/ the face.


d - June 6

Hey ladies. Well last night my pc kicked the bucket. so i had to get a new pc. Just up and running now. Lynn- GREAT Levels!! wohoooo. Some parts of my incision do hurt but only if you press. and it is still puffy but my whole knee and part of thigh is puffy. i should email you all those photos. LOL. the feeling warm has gone away. It isen't oosing or anything so i hope that is ok. i am supposed to get the stitches out on thursday. i can't see the stitches cause dr put strips over to cover them. CC- yep still ttc but dh just hasn't been able to do it the past 2 days. kind of really bummed me out. He is so exhausted sometimes that IT won't work. It gets very frustrating though. My aunt just said to me on the phone. now would be a good time to get inseminated (sorry if that is how it is spelled) just took a pill about 1 hr ago. lol. she said cause i am laying down constantly it would be good. lol. Lori and JCR both kids are adorable. Tracy hope work wasn't too bad for you. How are you feeling? I wonder who is going to get the bfp this coming month. :o).. the best thing about all of us here is. Although ttc is tough and when it doesn't happen we all get upset but when i read that lynn got her bfp i have never been so happy for someone before. Just like when JCR got her bfp. It is wonderful news and I am just so happy for you both. When my stepsister got pg I was soo pissed and yes jealous of how "it just happened" for her. But for you two i am just so happy. Lynn I cried for you. Since we all know how each other feels it is easy for us to be happy for one another and reading that made my day a whole lot brighter the other day. as always i am blabbing. LOL. OH I fell today. I was walking back to the couch with a crutch and fell. i really feel like i hurt myself. It feels as though i pulled something in my calve, along with the knee. I wanted to call the dr but didn't cause i didn't pull any stitches out or anything. Lynn could you find out for your SIL if the tender to touch is normal? I don't think i have a infection. it isen't red or oosing and it isen't hot anymore. But i am a worry wart. and a germaphobe. the stitches were covered with gauze and ace bandage after surgery and then last thursday he took that off and put new strips on the leg. dr also said. thurs it was ok for them to get wet in the shower just no baths. any input you could get would be great. alright i gotta go lay back down. Dh went to pick up a car at 3:30 and he is just getting back and I am just waiting for him to get here if you all know what i mean.. :o). knowing my luck.. he will be too tired..... Bellyrubs and babydust!


LoriB43 - June 6

Lynn - Glad to see that your numbers are doubling, that is always a good sign. CC - your DH's counts sound good too. Hopfully tomorrow will be just as productive!! D - It doesn't sound like you have an infection. What you are porbably feeling is part of the healing process. I am surprised that you are still trying even with the pain of the knee!! Boy, you should have no problem with labor when the time comes, lol!!! Tracy - Did you make it to work today?? You are not lazy for not wanting to go to work. Sometimes all of us just need a BREAK!! How did the bloodwork go?? Shauna - How is the little fence climber today?? Keep up the amazing work of foster care!! Andrea - any news on your front with the 2ww?? JCR - just 3 more days and counting down!! Check in again when I can.


d - June 6

hey tracy- just wanted to let you know your email is sending mailer domains back. did you power go out down there? just wanted to let you know that your email isen't responding. hope everyone is well.


Lynn - June 6

Okay, I thought and thought and the best I can come up with is:*POSITIVE VIBES* for a new thread name. Come join me there.



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