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CC - May 9

New thread-new energy!!


CC - May 9

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone finds us ok..Starting a new thread is a little lonely!! There are no posts to refer back to! Just checking in, I have a headache that is so bad is making me feel sick. Maybe from the bcp ? I dont know, I woke up with it, and wish I could go back to bed. Tracy, any word from your ins co as to covering your test? Lynn-I like your new system, I like to see your posts first thing in the morning! I'll check back later..


LoriB43 - May 9

Hi CC - Great to have a new thread! Not much going on with me. Just a whole bunch of hurry up and wait!! Tracy - what is the word on your ins. for your Sonohistogram?? Check back later.


d - May 9

Ok. I found the new thread.


Tracy88 - May 9

Oh my gosh, as if things weren't difficult enough....I just got home from work and told DH that I have an appointment for the sono on May 31, and he said, "Yeah, but that's not going to fix anything, so it's just a big waste of our time.....it's going to be another year before you ever get PG....." I swear instead of making me feel better about things, DH is only making me feel worse. I realize that he wants a child soooo bad, but how does he think I feel? Sometimes I just don't even want to talk to him. I am going to call the doc's office tomorrow and see ifwe can just skip the sono and go straight to lap, since we know there are fibroids, but I have the feeling they are going to want the sono so they can see everything within the uterine cavity. I don't know. Right now, I am just fed up. I take steps to get things done, and they are not good enough or fast enough for DH. He thinks it's all a racket and doesn't see why everything has to take so long.


CC - May 9

Tracy, that would have really pissed me off/hurt my feelings if my dh said that. Having said that, I think they get frustrated with the process just like we do, and dont always express their frustration as well as they should or could. Sometimes, my dh doesnt say much of anything, and it bothers me/hurts my feeling, but I think its because he has run out of things to say and simply doesnt know what to do. What I say is : Congrats on getting it done, and scheduling the test so soon! (You got in w/in a few weeks and in Dr land, thats pretty good!) You are doing something to help the situation..Try to not let dh's frustrations become yours-you have enough and dont need to add to them w/ his comments..If he doesnt understand why it takes so long, invite him on these threads so he can see, unfortunately you are one of many who is in the same position right now. These things take time..I feel for you and can relate to what you are going through. XOXO


CC - May 9

Tracy, have your other test results come back yet?


Lynn - May 9

hey girls.......Tracy, I ditto what CC said about our DH's. I really do not think they have any clue the amount of "things" we go through. Mine has stopped saying things so I do not get pissed for something he says but I also get hurt and pissed if he says something wrong. Grils, I just do not think they have an understanding. Be patient.... CC, sorry you have a headache. I have had a couple and I have been using my left over prescription motrin left over from my D&C. My sister-in-law is a nurse and she says 4 extra tylenol cover a prescription. I have also found out Excedrin migraine does great. But...do not take any of this when TTC. Lori, tomorrow is the day to make it official and then one more day until little Johnny is at your house. How exciting!!!!!!! I cannot wait to hear what you have to say after tomorrow or Thursday for that matter. Hey, your still going to chat with us now that your becoming a new mommie.....right? D, so your PT is sending a bad report...hopefully that this is just not working like it should. I am glad you are chatting more with us. Nice to see you back. EMM, haven't heard from you.....is everything okay? JCR, Serine, Andrea and Shauna...just saying hello.


Shauna - May 10

Thks Lynn for the 'hello'. I am still waiting to see what is happening with my body. I have no AF symptoms tho so I am hopeful. I will test tomorrow if nothing comes by then. TTFN.


LoriB43 - May 10

Tracy - I agree with Lynn and CC when it comes to our DHs. Explain to your DH that the Sono is necessary to see how many and where the fibroids are. Give him the analogy of - he has been examined and they felt a lump in his gonads (any mention of gonads gets them every time)... would he want surgery without further testing???? Or would he just want them to go at it with a knife. Laparoscopys are NOT fun surgeries! I had a VERY hard time with mine. I was about 2 minutes away from them having to insert a catheter, and going into my foot for the IV!! The pain from the gas was astronomical and I had about 30 different holes in my stomach afterward!! It is the one surgery that I have always said that I will NEVER want done again!! (Not that I would ever want ANY surgery done).


Lynn - May 10

Lori....I did not enjoy my Lap either. I only have 4 holes but mine you...I had D&C on Friday and Lap on Saturday (emergency..almost died) to remove ectopic. I am not a fna on Lap but thought maybe it was just my experience. Glad you did not like yours either. Tracy..keep in mind you also have to alot healing time when having the Lap. I had to sit out of TTC land for 2 months.


jcr - May 10

Hi everyone! Tracy, I have had 3 laproscopic surgeries!! I only had 3 holes each time, my belly button is a littlle funny shaped from 3x'sThey are not too bad, I just hate anesthetic! If they don't get all the air out it can be painful. It was a waste for me, they never found anything and don't ask why 3 times???? Canada-socialized medicine maybe? Sorry about the DH, they just don't get it. Even when you finally get pg, they still catch the bus instead of the plane! I guess that's why they are from Mars!! Lori, I can't wait until you get little Johnny. How was your weekend with him? Did you get a little further insight to his behavior? CC how is the bcp going? I could never take them, I always got headaches, bloating and felt awful. Also, I was told if you take tylenol with a cup of tea or coffee it helps headaches. Does for me sometimes! Shauna, I am keeping my fingers crossed the hag stays away for you. I grew up on a farm south of Lethbridge, AB. Spent a weekend in Regina, and another in MooseJaw but that was it! I am now (don't ask why??) living in Los Angeles and really miss the quiet Canadian lifestyle, but NOT the winters. D, I am so glad the mamogram and tests came back ok, now let's just get that darn knee fixed. How is the back feeling? Ryley keeps rubbing my belly and talking to baby, I may find out friday what I am having if she does and ultrasound and it cooperates. If not I'll find out at 20 week appt. My belling is growing rounder and itchy. I am hoping for some lucky months coming up, I know Lynn, CC and maybe Tracy will be out this cycle, but watch out the next one. Lori, still no AF??? HMMMM, makes one wonder? Gotta run, bellyrubs to each of you.


CC - May 10

Lori, your mention of the gonads made me really laugh. I will have to try that one on dh the next time he gets out of line! Lynn, I havent asked because I know you havent, but will now as the obvious (nudge nudge)..Have you called your RE yet to schedule an appointment ? Just asking.. : ) Im going to pick up Excedrin Migraine, I have a feeling it is from the bcp's, like jcr said she used to get headaches from them. Nothing compares to Clomid headaches though, but all you migraine girls can agree, having a headache all day takes a lot out of you. Im beat! Lori give us the run down for tomorrow and Thursday..Are you excited as anything??!! I bet you are! I assume no AF, but she is due tomorrow or so yes? I would love to see you get a BFP w/ everything else thats been going right for you, it just would fit the picture. I guess I am in the minority to not have a lap, and I have to say, after Tracy talking about it, it got me thinking that maybe it was a good idea to mention it to my RE if I have to eventually move to IVF, but after reading all three of your experiences-YIKES!! Its not something I even want to think about now. It sounds awful. jcr, I do hope you are able to find out the sex of the baby, and by Friday already??! It seems like just yesterday you told us you got a BFP. WOW!! That is cool!! Let us know, I know you will. Shauna-good luck, I hope a BFP is in your near future as well. Have you tested at all? See you all tomorrow...


CC - May 10

Tracy, tell your dh about all the lap experiences just on our thread. I think its good you are having the sono, and from that, you may learn that you dont even need a lap!


CC - May 10

OH OH OH-The best news for me today? I actually tested fate, and put underwear on this morning w/ NO pantyliner!! (Ok-give me a break, sometimes its the small things in life!!) Its the first time I have been without one in a month!!!


Shauna - May 10

Hello ladies. I am just heading to bed but just wanted to say...BFN. No AF yet but the test was neg. : ( I am really not that surprised. Talk to you all in the am.


Lynn - May 10

Good Morning.... CC, Congrats on the no pantyliner!!!! I am so happy for you..(ha, ha). As for an RE appointment...I called yesterday on my way to a meeting and the lady who answers the phone (she has really gotten to know us after 2 years) said....I can sqeeze you in at 4pm on Wednesday can you make it? I said...I have lots of questions so I hope it is not sqeeze in and cannot talk. She assured me I can have a chat with my RE. So, it looks like I will be leaving early to pick up DH (he wants to go) and head to RE. I'll let you know if we get a plan in place for June. Lori...I like CC am so excited for today and tomorrow. We want details chick!!!!! This is so exciting. Shauna, I wish there was a way to make this easier!!!! UGH, I was just telling dh yesterday how difficult it is to get the BFN. If no one you know understands, we do so lean on us to get you through this. Okay...gotta start work if I am leaving an hour early. chat with y'all tonite. Have a great day!!!!!



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