*********IRREGULAR CYCLES PART 7***********
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lalilove - January 23

Hello my lovely ladies....just wanted to continue this thread ( the other was getting too long). Hope everyone else finds us. Blairmama, Tammy, Slowpoke, Mel, everyone else come on and join us oh, and Blair & Tammy.... pass some of that babydust our way! God bless ya'll.


mother2Bsoon - January 23

I didn't realize there was a thread for irregular cycles. I am new to the site and have posted messages a couple of times, but I didn't know about this one. Quick overview of my story. My DH and I have been married since 2004. We have been trying for a 1.5 years. My cycles are HIGHLY irregular. AF only shows her face if I am taking BC pills. This month, I am taking provera for 5 days and then will start Clomid 50 mg CD5-9. Hopefully, AF will show her face in the next couple of days and I can begin clomid. Has anyone on this thread been successful on their first round of clomid? If so, what was the dosage? Thanks again for this thread!!!


stepmommel - January 24

Thanks for the new thread Lalilove! Welcome Mother2b! this thread is wonderful for support, and it's nice knowing that we all have the same situation with our irregular cycles. I took Clomid 50 mg for about 6 cycles before finally getting our BPF just before Christmas. So, it can happen right away, but if it doesn't, don't be too discouraged. Good luck to you! Hope everyone else is doing well. Babydust to everyone who's needing it! much love!!!


cmelissa - January 24

Hey Ladies - so srry i have been mia lately, ive been so extrmely busy lately with work, life, everything basically!! Mega wow those numbers are fantastic - i'm so thrilled for you and dh - your dh had a really low sperm count too right?? Thats so fantastic!!! Well i started the lupron, i've been spotting pinkish since the hysteroscopy, is that normal?? I should be getting AF the next few days and then i start my injections on the 28th - i got my gonal f free this cycle so that helped a lot!!! Laliove thanks for starting the new thread!! Welcome mother!! I unfortunaltey had no luck on clomid but have had several friends get pregnant 1st time with the help of it!! Good luck to you!! Step how are you feeling babe???


stepmommel - January 24

Melissa, I'm doing really well (thanks). Knock on wood... I still haven't been sick since the flu and it's really been uneventful. Actually, it's been sort of boring, as I'm SO anxious to finally start showing and to be able to get past the first trimester hump so I can share it with everyone! Sorry, I don't know about the spotting, so I can't tell you if it's normal or not. Good luck with the injections.... still crossing my fingers that this is your month! Hi to everyone else!!


blairmama - January 28

hey step.. my first trimester was very uneventful. other than getting a cold, i really only threw up maybe 5 or 6 times. i have one more week left in my second tri.. and i've thrown up twice in it. count yourself lucky! some women live at the toilet! things have been going wonderfully.. he's kicking up a storm. i was talking to my mom tonight, and she was saying how when she was pregnant with me, i only kicked around when she wasnt moving.. and i rarely kicked when she was up and walking. thats exactly how max is! first i only felt him kick when i was sitting, it was very low. and then i started to feel him kick when i was laying on my back.. and now i can occationally feel him move or roll when im standing.. but mostly he kicks when im sitting [like right now haha] or when im laying on my side. i can watch him kick and roll under my skin.. its so neat! tonight DH and i went to his aunt's house to play poker with the family.. and he had his foot up in my ribs all night! quite uncomfortable! but well worth it =]. im starting to get really nervous about giving birth though. i get all excited that my belly is growing and that he's getting bigger.. but then i realize, the bigger he gets.. the bigger baby i have to push out! haha.. im sure ill be fine though. monday i go in for my gestational diabetes test. i have to drink a sugary drink, sit for an hour.. and then have my blood drawn. not much fun.. but wish me luck! i had one done earlier on, around 16 weeks.. and i passed. so hopefully this one will go well too. btw, we're offcially naming him Maxwell Aaron. only 14 weeks left! yay! -im 26 weeks today!


cmelissa - January 28

Hi Step, glad you are doing well, when will you be past the 1st trimester??? I had my dr appt today and i'm set to go to start my meds tonight! I will have my 1st follie check on the 1st!!! Blairmama - wow you are almost in your 3rd trimester - i swear times flies when you are TTC. What a cute name for your baby boy!!! Good luck tomorrow with the test!! Sorry you have to drink that nasty drink, just drink it fast :)!!!


Tammy276 - January 29

hi ladies....haven't checked in in a while, so I don't really know whats going on with who!!! I hope everyone is doing great though and I wish baby dust on everyone!! Well, I will be 32 weeks this Thursday, only 8 more to go (If I make it full term, which I don't think I will). I had a scare the other morning. I got woken up at 5:00 w/ contractions and finally at 7 I called the doctor because they were around 7 minutes apart and very painful......so they told me to drink water, lay still for an hour and see if they go away....which they did get better and started spacing out and getting weaker. Then I started loosing my mucus plug already so luckily I have a doctors appt. on Tuesday this week so I am going to have her check my cervix to see if I am dialated at all...If I am, I'm sure I'll end up on Bedrest for a few weeks, but I'll do whatever I have to too keep her in there as long as possible.....It was very scary though and I'm glad they stopped...hopefully it doesn't happen again!! I see so far all the pregnancies are going good!! Be thankful if you are having an uneventful 1st trimester stepmommel......I never actually got sick during mine, but I was miserable and felt like poooo every single day... So be glad if you are feeling good!! It is a great feeling when you finally reach that second trimester mark!! Well, I should head off to bed.....Have a good night everyone and I'll keep you posted!!


cmelissa - January 30

Tammy - great to haer from you sweetie!! Wow what a scare that must have been for you... wow 32 weeks already -i feel you were just telling me you were pregnant. I feel when you are ttc everyones pregnancies fly by!!! Wishing you all the best of luck!!! Glad you checked in!! Keep us posted how your appt goes!! How is everyone else doing??


mother2Bsoon - January 30

Hi Everyone! Today was a doozy, but all is well. I start clomid tomorrow...yeah! I pray I am successful the first round. Praying that everyone is having a wonderful day. Many blessings and much baby dust to all!!!


lalilove - January 30

Hi ladies....I really can't say much about me because just thinking/writing about it makes me cry! Blair & Tammy....Im soooo happy for you all please take good care of yourselves.

As for me...I got a call from my obgyn's office on Friday and they told me my pap came back positive. So I go back for a colposcopy on Valentines day to see how bad the cancerous cells are spreading. I really can't type right now or say much,,,,really. I guess there goes my hopes for my miracle baby. Take care all.


mother2Bsoon - January 30

lalilove - I serve a God who can HEAL anybody. I will not put your hopes aside for a miracle...because God is Sovereign and He IS ABLE to do ALL THINGS...He turns the IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE. I am believing God for a miracle right now for your health and that all will be well during your next procedure. If he can heal the woman with the issue of blood for twelve years, then SURELY HE can DO THE SAME FOR YOU. I am praying for a healing right now in the name of Jesus. Please give us a report after your next procedure. Keep believing...Walking in Faith


lalilove - January 31

MOTHER2B....THANK YOU, YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME. THANK YOU for your prayers. God Bless you with beautiful babies.


AmericanReject - January 31

hi everyone...i'm trying to concieve normally...we have only tried for a month...we just decided that we wan'ted to start our family...were getting married in may hehehe so i'm excited...yes i'm young but its okay...becuase we love eachother and we have the support to start a family...i'm 18 and i've never been happier...right now i'm currently away from my husband because i'm visting my family and friends overseas so i really can't wait to go back..i miss hiim sooo much...i'll be going back in about a week and a half....so were gonna try again when i get back...its really hard to pinpoint days of ovulation because i have an unusual cycle and i have never really payed attention to it before...i never really payed attention to the days i'd be on my period....lol..its really confusing with that ovulation stuff i think...anyway...so like i looked at two cycles and i'm pretty sure that i have a 37 day cycle...and i'm prettyy sure that my ovulation is in the 17th day of my cycle..but i'm not sure..i mean i think i saw the white jelly stuff...i was watching out for it...anyway..i'm not very good at this kinda stuff


Chrystina - January 31

Hi ladies! I have PCOS and I've been TTC for over 3 years now and during the process I've tried clomid, did the ovarian drilling, then back to clomid and now Metformin with clomid. I went to see my DR 2day and he was reviewing my response to Met and clomid 2gether. Now cuz I don't seem to respond to anything, he thinks that I'm very reistant, and feels that becoming pregs will be all the more difficult and I'm begining to believe it too. He said that my next step if Metformin doesn't work would be IVF. I was holding back tears cuz I just don't think that I'm financially ready for IVF, I honestly didn't think that it would be this hard, I really thought that I'd respond to Met. HELP ME pls! Is there anything else I can try b4 IVF? I feel like there is more I can do! Nothing seems to be regulating my periods...NOTHING and all I need is for it to be regular so that I can time it just right. Is there any other drug that helps regulate ur periods (anything but BC pill) Desperately seeking help! Anyone??? =,(


mother2Bsoon - January 31

Hi Chrystina - I'm not sure if you will read the post I just did a few minutes ago (A Message for All of us TTC- Please READ). The only thing I can say to you is believe that God can do all things. Same thing I told lalilove. He is Jehovah Jireh, God our Provider. What that means, if you delight yourself in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart. I am currently using clomid, first cycle. In the natural, I am not sure if it is going to work. But in the spiritual, I am believing God's best for me. Even if that means I may have to result in IVF...because I know He will take care of everything.No matter what. Please go to my post, I typed the words to a song that speaks to OUR situation. Lalilove - how are you holding up? Be sure to read that post, because I thought about you. How is everyone else???


slowpoke01 - January 31

hey girls. sorry i have been mia. thought i would check and see how my ladies are. good luck to all. take care



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