moral issues
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kate - January 11

hi, im 17 and have been doing the stupid thing, having unprotected sex, clearly i know that its wrong considerings i dont want to get pregnant, i went to the doctors and got the pill, but i ant start it until my next period which is due on the 28-30th of jan, ive been experiencing early pregnancy symptoms, but ive heard that preg symptoms are common with alot of illnesses, so im sceptical, but im having a moral dilema, what should i do if i am pregnant?, i feel guilty about those who are unable to get pregnant but want to, and id feel terrible abusing my ability to have children but not wanting to have one, i dont know if anyone can help me with this issue, but some insight or advice would be very much appreciated. dont get me wrong id be over the moon if i was, but id be scared if i had a child now that i wouldnt be able to give it the perfect upbringing, if that makes sense. please help me, i know that i dont know you guys but id really like someone to give me some guidance.


JenG - January 12

What are your symptoms? When was you last period? Generally, you will not have symptoms until AFTER your period was due if you were pregnant, so I would not worry at this point. Just use a Condom from here on out with your BCPs. You have to protect yourself from STD as well. 1 in 6 have some kind of STD. Given when you think your period is due... right now MAY be a fertile time for you, so take care and use a condom. I can't anwser if you end of pregnant... this is a personal decision.


kate - January 16

ok, thanks alot. its good to know that there are people out there who are willing to listen and lend a helping hand.


Mel - September 11

practically speaking, you're too young to be a mom. but if you are already pregnant, please be responsible enough to continue your pregnancy.



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