ky jelly- is it safe?
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mohini.K - June 1

Hello friends! I use KY jelly for lubrication during intercourse. But now i'm planning for pregnancy. So is it safe to use ky jelly for conceiving? will i be able to conceive or does ky jelly kills the sperm? Need advise....


Ladybug - November 20

I wouldn't recommend using KY jelly if you are trying to conceive. I've read that it inhibits the sperm. I would confirm with you doctor.


wannabeamom - February 19

I have read that PreSeed is the way to go. Do a web search for Pre Seed. It will pop up.


wannabeamom - February 19

you can purchase preseed at a good price on They also have opk and pregnancy tests at great prices.


WesleyByrd - January 13

My spouse and i might not propose utilizing KY jello if you're looking to conceive. We have study which it stops this orgasm. I would confirm with you medical doctor.



keshin - July 26

use lubes that are water-based, it's far more safe if you are trying to get pregnant.but on the safer side, just avoid lubes and increase foreplay.


jaya - September 11

there is this one lube that is most suitable to use if you want to get sad i can't remember the name.well anyway, be back when i remember it.



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