not ready for pregnancy
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Ebi - August 18

What should I take days after sex in other not to be pregnant for now?


sunnyshazy - March 9

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mara79 - June 15

take morning after pill if you don't want to get pregnant then. if you are having regular sex then i think you should take birth control pill or condom. never go for unprotected sex if you are not ready to get pregnant that's all it takes.


samantha - July 26

you had unprotected sex but don't want to get pregnant?i don't think it makes sense.the next time you have sex, make sure you have protection to avoid issue like this, simple as that.


julieloran - July 7

I can understand what you are saying! I have always had unprotected sex. You know, just pulling it out safely! But I have faced a problem now with my new boyfriend. He does not want to have unprotected sex at all. At the same time I cannot stand using the condoms. But he is scared to death of me getting pregnant. Pills are not considered either. I have the hormonal disbalance that might be influenced by them and I do not want any issues to arise. Any tips in that case?



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