Is it Pregnancy or Menopuase?
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inkingdom - April 1

I had two children when I was 17 and 21 before I was married. Now I have been married for 10 years and I am 34 have been trying to get pregnant after loosing one of my tubes to scare tissue. Although I am over weight I am fairly healthy don't take meds, drink, nor smoke at all. I have had regular menstration never have missed a period and have always had a period for about a week always starting around the 25th. This past month I did not menstrate and today being the first day of the month a brownish discharge has been coming out of me since last night. I have mild cramping and a negetive pregnant reading. I never had any bleeding nor cramping with my two other children. What is going on? Has my time run out? Could I be going through pre-menopause?


Angeleyes16 - April 13

I know I am way late answering, so I will just ask... Did you figure out what was going on?


darla - June 14

nope, you're way too early for menopausal. it might be something else. a visit to your gynecologists will be the best answer.


Neha5 - September 14

f you are planning and actively trying to get pregnant, then you are probably watching and waiting for every sign of early pregnancy that you have researched online or read in a book. This means that you might have read that the presence of implantation bleeding and the absence of your period is a good sign that you may be pregnant. But what exactly should you expect to look for when it comes to implantation bleeding and how would you differentiate between this very early sign of pregnancy and the onset of your next period?



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