knowing your ovulating
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[email protected] - March 12

Hey ladies how do you know do you feel something pls fill me in


Nikki101 - March 12

Are you wanting to know do we feel something when we ovulate?

When i ovulate i noramlly feel it, sum womens don't though it depends on how well you know your body. I start to cramp in my left or right ovary and most of the times it be in the after noon it only last for a couple of hours. i know instantly that i be ovulating.


[email protected] - March 12

woow thanx for replying back i guess i don't know my body anymore or i just keep second guessing myself. I have been ttc for almost a yr then when i did not get prg i went to the dr.s and found out i have pcos.


Nikki101 - March 12

Ur welcome,are there any symptoms of pcos?



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