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aafe - January 9

I have both of my tubes blocked and would like to know if anyone has used the herbal remedy Felopio? Did it work? Please reply.



RachG - July 2

I looked into felopio but did not buy because they did not list the ingredients and I was concerend about having a reaction to an unknown ingredient.

I bought another product which did the same thing, actually it was a kit which consisted of herbal tampons called fallopen, capsules, fallopian tube massage dvd, fertility yoga dvd and a herbal douche.

I followed all the instructions that came with the booklet and it took me 6 weeks to get preg. Bear in mind that both tubes were blocked!

In case you want to look into this yourself, I found it at www.herbaltampons.com

Good luck and I hope you get the same results I did!


Lisae - July 6

I also have both of my tubes blocked.I would like to know if you already got an answer to your question and if so does herbal remedy Felopio work?


joy2009 - January 28

hello yes i have heard of it and i have just use it .it removed at lot of my scar tissue from tubes. i have also been in contact with the maker and she will answer any of your questions


Char - February 17

Any one had a success conceiving with this product?


zimama - April 11

Felopio is fake don't ever buy it!!! They post beautiful testimoies on their blogs without allowing people to comment, I tried everything for them to allow me comment they refused, I even bought the product from one of their Nigerian agent who was so secretive about her where about. Still they won't let me comment I wrote an email to the owner, she gave excuses that her son is in charge of IT, to date she simply ignored further entreaties to allow me register on the site to comment. Ignire these fake ppl claiming to use it I have seen it with my two eyes there's no composition of what's in the mix. I plan to report their activities to NAFDAC, so they'll be banned completely. They are a scam!!!


zimama - April 11

In fact those photoshoped white stuff they call scar tissues are not scar tissues at all, they are simply your vaginal mucous that have reacted with whatever component is in the mix, you'll hv the same effect if you were to press lime/lemon on the mucous. Felopio is a scam period!


kblilian - April 12

Sorry Zimama that felopio did not work for you, Many have successfully dried their tears because of felopio.
You do not have to be cruel to those whose only hope is felopio. I advise that you actually patiently follow the instructions, be positive, and finish your felopio treatment, I know your attitude will then change when you actually see what the rest of us have seen thanks to felopio


zimama - April 12

Lilian BULL!!!! You mean ripping off the vulnerable is not cruelty? Felopio is a scam, I have taken the so called scar tissue for testing it was simply the normal mucousal discharge and nothing else!, if it has worked at all for anyone which I doubt is the placebo effect. That concoction should never be allowed anywhere without showing possible allergies or composition. If it has ever worked as beautifully painted on their website it should be a household name by now, at least you are able to comment here without hassles, but on the felopio website they will never let you bcos they know that you have been scammed. The scam is perpetrated by their agents going around in discussion forums trying to debunk it, they register with multiple names to defend it, I have been to a forum where a certain lady was found out!... If you value your life and hard earned money? STAY AWAY FROM FELOPIO!!!


Shine - January 12

My wife and I have been trying to have kids to no avail. Recently, she was diagnosed with both fallopian tubes blocked. Immediately, I began browsing the web and found falopio. The stories posted, though old are soul-lifting. I called my wife on the phone and shared the website with her which she found to be useful. We didn’t stop there. I especially became very aggressive about finding a natural cure without surgery and also to find other independent opinions outside the fallopio website about the effectiveness of the product, given the unknown constitution as well as the high cost of acquiring it including shipping. Today, I began searching again and found a post about fallopio from Zimama.
Zimama, I presume a female says, she has tried the product and it’s a scam. Having explained a lot about taking the scar tissues for testing and the likes…It’s actually a gray area here. So, can someone say more about their experience with falopio or help with an alternative natural treatment void of surgery that produces optimum results?


Felopio - May 5

Hello everyone,

My name is Maria and I am the founder of Felopio. I feel this conversation can benefit from the little bit of knowledge I have to share about the history and effectiveness of the Felopio treatment, as well as some of the other methods mentioned or not.

We started offering our herbal treatment, involving the use of herbal tampons, in early January 2004. At that time, the idea of using herbal tampons daily with chamomile tea flushes was virtually unheard of. A Google search for “herbal tampons” at the time would return zero results. There was nothing like it and this is a FACT. So most certainly Felopio cannot be fake, since it was the first of its kind. It is the Original herbal tampons treatment. Before Felopio, there were no herbal tampons. Period. I welcome anybody to show any proof there was anything like it before or around the time Felopio was first introduced to the world.

At that time in 2004, our research indicated there were only two other natural methods available online for the treatment of blocked fallopian tubes. The physical therapy (massage treatment) offered by ClearPassage and the herbal supplements offered by Radiant Wonder. Those were the only other options out there.

The herbal tampons website, “randomly” mentioned above is one of the early imitations of the Felopio treatment. They first appeared in August of 2008 when they accidentally out of nowhere “stumbled upon” the method of using herbal tampons and chamomile douching. They quite literally copied the whole method from our website and started offering it as their own.

Since then, there have been other imitations, from no-frills Chinese herbal tampons offered bulk on eBay and other sites, as well as more elaborate knockoffs combining our herbal tampon method in conjunction with interpretations of the idea of fertility massage as offered by ClearPassage, and not to leave anything out, the idea of using of herbal supplementation offered by RadiantWonder, to Castor oil and more. Basically trying to sell anything that can be found online in one package, claiming it their own, and peddling it everywhere.

Fast forward to present day 2016 – herbal tampons are everywhere. Why are so many people trying to copy and imitate the Felopio treatment, if it was not an effective method to restore the female reproductive health? Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact we have helped so many women over the years.

Now, here in this thread, we have some serious questions and accusations expressed by one of the participants in this discussion. “Why aren’t more people out there talking about Felopio, if it is so effective?” That is a good question. I have asked myself this very question as well. My understanding is that infertility is a deeply personal matter and most people are not comfortable putting their story out there. Another factor is that of the satisfied customer. They had a problem, they found a solution to their problem, they paid for it, and it worked. That’s it. End of story. We are always happy to hear about the success of the women we have helped, but it is their choice whether to share their experience online or elsewhere. Our testimonials are little thank you notes from women we have helped, and posted on our website with their approval. Which leads us to the next and much better question for the purpose of this discussion.

If Felopio was a scam as Zimama is accusing us, and we have been doing this since 2004 (this is more than 12 years), wouldn’t it makes sense to have at least some people crying out that we have taken advantage of them? Felopio is very effective, still it does not work for everybody or in all cases, but why is it that there are no women who have actually used Felopio and have anything bad to say about the treatment or us?

Zimama, I am not sure who you are and what motivates you to say such things, and forgive me when I say this, but from what you have written here, it sounds like you are more interested in ruining our reputation, rather than having a truthful discussion about healing. If I am wrong, I encourage you to contact us at your convenience to discuss this further.

I hope others will find the above information useful in their path to restoring their reproductive health. I am not an active participant in this or any other forum. You are welcome to contact us directly with any questions you may have.

Kind regards,





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