I just started taking fertility pills
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Brittany_Poteat1621 - September 20

Hello, i am brittany me and my fiance have tried for months to get pregnant with no luck, i have a thyroid problem which makes it harder to get pregnant, with my doctors okay i just now started fertility pills called ovul aid anyone tried these before?


TammyPrego - November 3

Hi Brittany,

If you want an alternative to Fertility Pills, I have been following some recent studies about natural supplements to help increase the activity of ovaries, particularily in older women. One thing I am trying is a DHEA supplement. ViMulti is the supplement that I am using, but there are others that containt DHEA, but I chose Vimulti because its made here in the US, so the FDA has approved it.


cha-cha - July 26

in my own opinion, i think you should address your thyroid problem first. it's the main cause of your infertility.


elle - August 3

i think it depends. i had this underactive thyroid gland, my doctor checked my thyroid levels and luckily she said it wasn't too low. i am now on thyroxine treatment which my doctor prescribed and hopefully i can start conceiving soon.


trixie - September 9

solve thyroid problems first if you want to get pregnant soon.thyroids are known to prevent ovulation, so even if you have regular periods, you will still be having problems with getting pregnant.


aimee - September 10

i was diagnosed with thyroid condition before and my doctor prescribed me with birth control pills, the one with estrogen. after 8 months of taking it, i got pregnant. try to ask your doctor if this can help you.



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