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apaniagua - March 12

Hi i have been trying to conceive after ihad my 1st child with no problem but have irregular periods and go months w/ o having one,didn't take tests to diagnos me with pco but my doc just said she'll that me for it, so im taking 500mg of metformin 3xday, before she prescribed me the medicine she asked if I wanted more children because it makes women fertile and pregnant fast, so im realy hoping and passing this works =)


Drlukman - June 29

My name is Katya am from united kingdom i married for 25 years but no child to call my own my mother in-law was calling me all kinds of name i prayed for God to give me a child i did every thing i could do visit many doctors to no what is wrong with my body system but the doctor said nothing is wrong with me then i said to my self what is wrong,a friend of my said to me that she know of a doctor that help people in this type of problem and his name is Dr LUKMAN i never want to do that but things was not easy with me i cook and eat alone no child to eat with me i was living in the dark,so one day i make up my mind and i said to my self i want to have child i discuss it with my husband and he refuse that at the first place after few months my husband called me and he said he needs a child and he is nothing getting any younger,that was how we visit Dr LUKMAN and he ask me to provide some things that he needs to prepare the medicine so i did that to cut the story shout after all i got pregnant and i deliver a baby boy am so happy to be called mother with the help of Dr LUKMAN you out there passing through this same problem you can get help from the great DOCTOR contact he via Emil

Thank you sir for your help and God bless you and your family




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