irregular periods
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darlingdesiree - May 12

I'm very irregular with my periods. My boyfriend and I of 2 Years have been trying to become pregnant I wanted to know what are the chances of me becoming pregnant? I'd really appreciate the answers :)


elizabeth - June 8

chances are.. you are not going to get pregnant if you have irregular periods.. solve the issue first. this can be overcome by using fertility drugs.


cha-cha - August 1

take BC pills, this will help regulate your period and by then you can proceed trying. if this fails, take fertility drugs.


beverly - September 10

irregular period should not be a cause of concern. it's just a small issue that can easily be resolved with simple treatments.


aimee - September 11

i was very irregular before, a friend adviced me to drink pure carrot juice daily to regulate my menstrual cycle. i'm still taking it now and it really helps.



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