Why am I gaining weight?
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Sunny12 - July 5

I recently had an IUI 5 days ago. I took two rounds of clomid, bravelle injections and trigger shot. Now I am on prometrium 200mg twice a day. I have taken all of this in the same cycle. Can these medications cause you to suddenly gain weight? I haven't changed my diet either. I'm also hoping to get a positive this month. After trying for a year.


ElleKay - January 20

You are not alone. I too have gained weight from 5 rounds of Clomid. We are taking medications that mess with our hormones so it's very possible to gain weight... Hope we get prego soon so we can have babies and loose all of this weight! Hope you have a supportive partner that understands it's part of the process. I have had to diet just to maintain this current weight. Now they are putting me on Femara so will see what that does.


leah - June 10

now i know why i gained weight!!! i have been on the same medications and gained so much weight and i never taught that this could be causing until i read this post. i wonder if there'e medication i can take without causing weight issues... so sad!


allStar - June 21

i have gained in clomid too. i noticed that it makes me bloated most especially after ovulation. i've heard that there are so many women experienced this and it's totally normal. if it helps you get pregnant then who cares right?


babygurl - July 26

i don't know if these medications causes you to gain weight. what i am concern is that, you're taking it all at the same cycle which i think is not right. just saying.


natalika2017 - November 22

Hello! Hormonal medication is not a sentence for your figure. Everyone comes
the idea of taking hormonal drugs and scares excess weight.
It turns out that you can take hormonal medications and not get fat. It was with me and tested. While taking hormonal drugs, you should not wait until you recover by 20 kg or suffer a migraine, problems with the intestines and so on. As soon as there was discomfort, tell the doctor. Perhaps the drugs do not suit you and they will be replaced by others.
In order not to grow fat on hormonal, observe such rules:
Control the weight. Weigh yourself regularly. Buy floor scales and weigh at least twice a week, if desired - every day. I noticed a sharp jump on the scales - adjust the diet and tell the doctor.
Observe the diet. It is possible that the hormone preparations are not responsible for weight gain, but your habit is at night.
Include in your daily routine of physical activity (aerobics, shaping, running, yoga, walking, etc.).

Carefully and strictly monitor your menu. Often taking hormonal causes an increase in appetite.
If you have an appetite, keep vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products on hand. Cakes, cakes, chocolates for snacks - a ban.
If you take hormonal, it is desirable to exclude from the diet such products:
Fat food - promotes a rapid increase in body weight.
Salt - delays the fluid in the body.
Snacks (chips, nuts, crackers) - contain a lot of fat, preservatives and dyes.
Flour products (buns, pies, cakes, cakes) - even if it were not hormonal preparations, you know perfectly well how they act on the figure.
Sweets (sweets, chocolate, ice cream) - increase the amount of glucose in the blood.
Legumes (peas, beans, asparagus beans) - causes bloating.
Potato - because of the high content of starch contributes to the rapid addition of weight.
Carbonated drinks (especially lemonade and all its cousins) - contribute to weight gain. This means that even from the dietary "Cola" will have to give up!



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