HSG test, laporscopy soon FEMERA AND HCG
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ttcforever - June 15

Ok ladies here's my story, I have been ttc for almost a year now, around Feb. I was dx with pcos and prescribed metformin and clomid, unfortunately I had a bad reaction to clomid (ohss) so I cant take that again, I proceeded to see a RE. He put me on metformin ER and had me get an HSG done and a SA for hubby..my HSG showed swollen tubes and unblocked them but I still need to go in for a lap which is scheduled next month to see if I have endo and to remove scar tissue and fix my right tube..hubby's SA perfect, long story short he wants me to start Femera and a HCg shot this cycle if my period works out with the surgery..im debating on if I want to do the meds or skip it all and go for an IUI any advice or hope? im a hot mess


ttcforever - June 17




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