Ibuprofen bad with IUI? Help!
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RainbowBJW - January 27

Hello all, this is my first post. I just had my first IUI using donor sperm after Clomid and HCG trigger shot. I just need to talk to someone, I had a horrible experiance, my MD had a family emergency and his partner (who I never met before) had to do my first IUI. He was in such a hurry he barely explained anything to me even after I reminded him TWICE that this was my first IUI and BEGGED him to talk me through it. Now I'm upset because I was looking through the forums and found out you're not supposed to take Ibuprofen before IUI (I took 600mg 7 and then 2 hours before procedure) because I was cramping sooooo bad from the HCG shot. Can anyone tell me if they've heard anything from their MD about Ibuprofen and if I'm over-reacting? I'm so weepy and emotional from the hormones and my bad experiance I can't separate fact from fiction and I just need to be talked down from my emotional ledge. Any help, encouragement or support stories would be very appreciated. Thanks ahead of time! ~Bonnie



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