Chances of high-order multiples?
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Rebeccagrace - September 3

Hi everyone,

When I went in for my CD14 ultrasound my RE found I had 8 mature follies. She said she'd never seen so many on just Clomid alone, so of course she decided not to proceed with this cycle. Problem is, before we knew how many follies there were, she had encouraged DH and I to have intercourse, which we did, three times.

She said I may even ovulate on my own that day or the next, and sure enough, two days later, on CD 16 I had a temp surge and I'm pretty sure I ovulated. So, are the chances of all 8 fertilizing significant? Have you ever heard of this with only timed intercourse?


Van-Armstrong - October 4

Hey Rebeccagrace! I did a lot of research on Colmid, and read some stories where they had as many as 7 and 8 mature follies. It doesn't happen offen while on only Clomid alone, but it is possible. Are you and your Husband hoping for more than one baby? Also, how many mg of Clomed were you on, and on what days were you told to take it?


babywatkins - January 2

Hi Rebeccagrace I was curious of your outcome of what happend with your Clomid cycle? Did you have any success? I am on my last day of Clomid 50mg and this is my first cycle Im not sure what to expect but curious of the process of clomid and hoping it works on the first run. Thanks and best of luck!!



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