why cant i get pg?
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nenano - August 14

I think you should try get to the bottom of the problem as , im now 24 and been trying since I was 17 and nothin. get to the doctors, and its confidential


Melissa - August 14

Emily, You are probably going to regret having a child so young. I was 18 when I had my son,that was almost 6 years ago,he was the biggest surprise I will ever get in life,but dont get me wrong I love him more then anything in this world, but sometimes I wish I would have been older before having him. You miss out on everything. They are not a doll you can put away when you are done playing dress up. And this bf of yours says he loves you now but what happens when he sees that it is not all fun and games and leaves you. Then you are rasing a child by yourself. I never had to go through that, but there are so many single mothers, you are so young. Go to school, have fun, then have a child. THINK ABOUT IT!!!


to all you young girls..... - August 15

I know this topic was dropped awhile ago, but obviously it has come up again. I strongly agree.....please wait!!! I was 18 when I got pregnant, quite accidentally. I was 19 when I had her. When she was 3 mos. to the day, she had her first seizure. For her first year, we were in and out of the hospital, ct scans, MRI's eeg's....and medication twice a day EVERY DAY. Well, when she was 2 she had a seizure that lasted 2 hours. She was not comming around, so she was flown to a childrens hospital 3 hrs away, where after acouple days she had another seizure that again lasted over 2 hours. She was in intensive care for a couple days, and released from the hospital after 2 weeks. She's 7 now, and doing her second year in grade one, still having seizures, though not as many. She has been in a type of rehab with speech, occupational, and physical therapy, as her seizures affect her brain function and the ability to obtain information. I'm almost 27 now, and it is soooo hard still to have to deal with all this, cause she still has seizures (epilepsy). Now I know your thinking "this isn't gonna happen to me".....well, it wasn't supposed to happen to me either. But it did. If I hadn't have had my mom, and now husband there, I never would have made it. Just sit back and think of all the things that can happen. Are you really ready if God forbid something really horrible happens to your child? At that age, I doubt it.


Lisa (TTC 6months) - August 17

It seems to me that Emily is the most mature member in this forum. She came to this forum to seek advice which was a mature move no her part. This forum is designed to assist and comfort people seeking advice. The name calling, usage of bad language is not necessary. Emily, the first thing I would do is go to your doctor or a gyn. This should be your first step. If you decide to proceed with trying to conceive, GOOD LUCK but please consider some of the advice, such as: Having a child so young is a lot of hard work and one day you may look back and say I wish I would of waited with this thought it does not mean, you do not love your child, you just missed your youth. Good Luck.


kirsty - August 31

y cant i fall preganant ive been trying for ages


lili - February 26

well i was 17 when i had my son and evry thing turnded out good. my son saved me from all the bullshit i was doing. in the end he help me mature and i realized that it was for the best.
having a baby is a big responsability and it takes alot of efort , patience, and dedication. trust me i now i'm 22 years old now and single mom but i'm satisfied with the way things worked out.
so my advised is think about it really hard before you get your self into something you cant deal with.


Uh - February 26

DUh Lili.


K - February 26

Emily, I am 33. I am not trying to preach. I look back on all the things I wanted when I was younger and I am glad I didn't act on it. I dated my husband for 6.5 years and didn't get married until I was 30. I ask that you reconsider what you are doing and think about being young and enjoy it. There is no rush to do the things you are talking about. I would not change a thing in my life. My best advice, talk to you mom. Try to figure out why you want a baby. If you still want to have a child, please talk to you parents. They may not be happy about it but at least you are being honest with them and yourself.


DUH!! - February 26

THis was last MArch you IDIOTS!


peety - February 27



TO PEETY - February 27

USE opks. They will tell you when you ovulate. You might be missing your actual ovulation date.



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