why cant i get pg?
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Milissa - May 11

MATHEW>>> You are full of Shit! I have been smoking longer than you have been alive and my husband to and we have a great healthy 2 1/2 year old!! So next time you do a little report for school don't come on hear telling us OLDER women whats up!! "K"


milissa - May 11

I have to agree with mel "HI MEL".. I had a colic baby to and for 3 months cryed, cryed, cryed.+ Post partum really bad...It was very hard very hard!! and yes I'm married now to the same man...No sleep up every2 hours and still now with him being 2 1/2 he still don't like to sleep at night up all the time! So save your time on something else then wanting a baby! I think you have other issues that need to be addressed... Put your energy into something else!!!


ya know - May 11

if everyone is adults trying to help a younger person, then dont condone pot either way, wether you did it or someone else has thats not a great example to set! everyone's body is quite differ. and some dr's say smoking and pot or even alcohol lower sperm counts and in some people having a hard time conceiving prevents the egg and sperm from meeting due to it slowing down! if it was fine for you great, may not be for others!


experienced - May 12

Hi. Im 26 and have a beautiful almost 7 year old daughter; quite by accident. I was fresh out of high school, and while we are doing fine now, I really have to tell you it was a struggle. I had a year of going out with my friends, to bars, parties and all that fun stuff young people are supposed to do. But you know once I gave birth all that changed. I couldnt go out anymore and the worst part.... none of my friends even really talked to me anymore. They dont bother to call cause they dont want to hear how you were up all night cause the baby was screaming all night long. They dont want to hear how many poopy diapers you have changed in the past 24 hours. They dont want to hear that this kid just wont quit throwing up. You havent even been of age to go to the bar with your friends and experience the fun of being that age. Really think this through cause you will never get this time in your life back again.


another older woman - May 15

Emily and Staci, If you want my opinion yes you both are WAY too young to have a baby, Your not even old enough to go to a bar and order a drink or drive past 9 pm, ( in my state anyway) you have your whole life, enjoy being young hang out with friends and dont put that responsibility on yourself so young, im sure you know from reading some responses it will not be easy.


a concerned person - May 15

Please reconsider having a baby at 17 years old. Grow up some more, GET MARRIED FIRST then decide to have a child. Once you have a baby, that's it for your childhood and teenage years. Take advantage of your young years. Go to school, graduate, consider college, consider ALL OF YOUR OPTIONS - YOU ARE YOUNG - Take a step back and reevaluate your priorities. :)


lily - May 22

if u want a baby really badly go for it dont let anyone tell you what to do! its YOUR!! decision at the end of the day not anyone elses.


opinion - May 22

you cant get pregnant cause the sperm slows down after use of pot, mature adults here shouldnt say what they have done and make like its ok! you want better for your children and others out there! if you are so old and mature you wouldnt tell teens its ok to do pot! and heck if your parents dont even know your trying why are you doing this before being an adult yourself! and even if you are married and out of highschool, or not you should enjoy each other first, spend quality time then have children when you both formed a bond first! it will take all your together time away and you need to be ready for the expenses as well!


milissa - May 23

I think its sooooo funny how half of you have opinion" but can not state your name...I never said hey go and smoke pot cause i do or have...I said that I believe that does not have affect on TTC! And second I never smoked when I was pregnant..I should have said in the first place....But hey everyone is going to judge either way! so I say emily fuck em" IN THE END you won't listen anyways!!


Christina - May 23

milissa i agree! they have so called opinions and experience etc just state your name they are telling these girls to grow up when they are acting like the immature ones!


Christina - May 23

and for a few days now i see such mean comments, we are all here to help and comfort each other, at least the majority of us do.


kim - May 26

hey milisa, you sound like a mouthy little cow who needs to do some growing up herself. POT does affect fertility just thought you should know so dont come on this site swearing like you know the score


jojo - June 4

go to your doctor and get tested for poly cystic ovaries. I have this and am finding it hard to fall pregnant


to kim - June 4

mind your business, milissa has been coming to this forum along time, we should be abole to speak our mind.you obviously are the "mouthy cow" or else you wouldnt have come here seeking arguments! get over yourself!


sara - June 5

he has alow sperm count!


nenano - August 14

I think you should try get to the bottom of the problem as , im now 24 and been trying since I was 17 and nothin. get to the doctors, and its confidential



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