why cant i get pg?
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emily - March 5

my bf and i used to smoke pot all the time but we have both quit smoking and we are trying get pg for the past 3 months and nothing has happened and i am just woundering if us smokeing has had any effect on his sperm or on me in any way at all to where i cant get pg i have takein so many test and they all said not pg and i am never sure when my period is because its not every month it irregular so i never know if i missed it and i dont knowif he is completely dead or if i cant have any kids what do i do and i dont want my parents to know that i am trying to get pregnant with him because i am only 17 and they would kill me what do i do


an older wiser person - March 5

First and fullmost you need to GROW UP if you are not mature enough to discuss with your parents that you want a baby then maybe you shouldn't be trying. Haveing a baby is a BIG responsabilty at 17 you are still a child yourself. You need to ask yourself why do you want a baby. They may look lovely and cute but they are very hard work. You will have to change your life so think long and hard before you bring a child in to this world. Also it wont do your child anygood if it learns from your parents in later life that it was a mistake, as this was the only way you could explain your pregnancey. Also my fella has been smoking the funny stuff for yrs and his little fellas ara all swimming the rite way and he has a high sperm count. Trying for 3mths isn't long but you need to think about wot you are doing before you get pregnant. Don't have a baby you might end up regreting give yourself a few yrs you have your whole life ahead of you.


Stop, don't do it - March 6

please reconsider having a baby so young..graduate from HS, go to college, get a good job..find a great husband and then..have a baby..when you have a strong support system and money to pay for your child..this is a serious decision..not one to play around with.


Staci - March 6

Ok.. Im 17 graduated with a highschool diploma, has a job, has a husband.. am i too young to have a baby also???


thinkhard - March 6

I was 28rys old when I had my baby I was the main earner in my family so I had to go back to work when my baby was only 18wks old. When I had my baby that was all the paid leave I was entiltled to in the UK. My baby was born 8wks early and spent 4 weeks in SCBU then I only had 14 weeks at home with her. I then had to go back to work otherwise we wouldn't of had any money or a roof over our heads. I missed my babies first steps and her first word. These are things I will never get back. I also had postnatal depression and was signed off work for 6 mths when my baby was 9mths. I found it hard to admit that I was ill and I carried on working I didn't want to let people think that I couldn't cope. My doc said the depression was more then likely caused by the fact that my baby arrived early and by her birth I had an emergany c section. Also it didn't help me having to go back to work so please think before you have a baby at 17 you are so young yourself even if you are married live alittle you can have a baby in a couple of yrs you have many yrs left to have children. They can be hard work at any age. I know your married but your still a child yourself. Please think long and hard before you have a baby.


mariane - March 7

im 24 and mu husbent is 29 im married for 2 years and i still not pregnant why?


nobody - March 12

how do you know if you can have babies i dont think i can get pregnant


brandi - March 12

i am 20 and have a 17 month old.i am married.Emily,you have only been tying for 3 months.it can take up to a year for some normal people.but you have plenty of time to have babies.its not like you think it is all of the time.babies grow up and arent very cute when theyre cranky.


matthew - March 14

well yes it is like this when you smoke pot for a long time the THC forms a wall around the egg and if you do get pg it would be diformed but just wait you can still have a baby if you wait for a long time and yes the THC well afect the spem cell's as well ok is there something eles you would like to know?


matthew - March 14

oh by the way i'am 16 turning 17 and i have done reasurch on pot and stuff


old lady - March 14

MATTHEW my partner has been smoking pot longer then you've been alive and there is NOTHING WRONG with his sperm. His had the test and his little fella's are all swimming the rite way and his well loaded. Your infoe is incorrect.


THINKER - May 11

i used to think about having babies like you do. BUT right now i am in college and i cant afford a child the most important thing is that you want the best for you and your child how about you get a nice job or go to college and save money i mean you have your whole life ahead you are only 17 AlSO another thing that may help you out is if you babysit babies for your family or friends if you can you will see its alot of work i hope u make the right decision ( IT COULD BE GOD TELLING YOU ITS NOT TIME YET). THINK ABOUT THE PROS AND CONS OF THE SITUATION I WISH U THE BEST OF LUCK IN EVERYTHING


Alicia - May 11

Hi, I hope that you are doing ok! well frist of all' yes ' smoking dose affect you from getting pregnat and also you have to not think so much about getting preg... frist of all you have to think very well before getting preg you are still young sounds like you don't know much about ur period.frist get to know yourself.. and before all things think very well what you want ur still young and having a 'BABY' mean s alot reasponsabilty ..........I think you sould get some sense in yourself and wait till ur older and be able to take care a child because it's hard belive me it's hard. Mabye you sould tell ur parents you want a baby see waht they tell you...so think about it! Kido
your too young..............


stacey - May 11

obviously too immature to bring a child into this world, especially you are doing it for the wrong reasons and not even telling your parents! whats gonna happen after they know your pregnant, think thats not gonna make them kill you! at 17 understandable if it happens to others out there, i have a cousin who has 3 beautiful children and married, and had her first at 15, but you should be out enjoying life, finishing school, being a teenager, not worrying about adult things! and once an innocent baby is brought into this world, it is not that babies fault if you wont have the patience and proper knowledge to care for it!


stacey - May 11

and how about financially? have you thought about what a baby needs, supplies, food, diapers, all the time, how do you know this boyfriend is gonna stick around after the baby is involved! think before your actions!


Melissa - May 11

Hi Emily. First of all, I'm not positive that pot can effect fertility, but it can increase birth defects, low birth weight, etc. These are really the things that research has been done on. Not the actual ability to get pregnant. As another responder has mentioned 3 months is not a long time to try, but you might want to start charting your cycles. Secondly, as a 30 year old who had a child at 27 after being married for 5 years let me tell you its HARD. Especially when the baby has colic, is sick (ear infections are horrible), etc. I have gone through so much and was so thankful that I was able to look at the situations in a more informed light. When your baby is crying and crying and won't stop no matter what you try it's hard to keep yourself in the right state of mind to still care for the child rather than take your aggressions out on it. And, when your baby gets so sick that he ends up having restricted air passages and you have to bring him into your bed just so you can make sure he's breathing all through the night (which means your not sleeping) and then still care for them the next day when they want to play and you want to sleep. These are things that nobody really tells you about and they're very HARD to handle. Thank God I was blessed with a child at an older age because I don't honestly think I could have handled it in my teens or early 20's. And one other thing many people leave out .... even if you have a husband or a VERY SUPPORTIVE boy friend you are doing the majority of the work yourself. They sleep through the night, don't worry about the diaper bag being full, don't worry about who has to get off work if the baby is sick, or any of that. Lastly, a good support system is necessary. Believe it or not you will need your parents and family, so you want to keep them involved in your decision. Especially if you are still living with them. All you would need is for them to kick you and your baby out with no place to live. Good luck no matter what you decide, but please reconsider having a baby so early.


Milissa - May 11

MATHEW>>> You are full of Shit! I have been smoking longer than you have been alive and my husband to and we have a great healthy 2 1/2 year old!! So next time you do a little report for school don't come on hear telling us OLDER women whats up!! "K"



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