Why can't I get pregnant?
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Kimberli - March 24

I'm young, so I shouldn't have a problem. My periods are completely regular and I have regular sex. For the past 6 months, my boyfriend and I have been trying to concieve and I swore I was pregnant this month because my uterus was swollen and I was having symptoms... but I think my period started today. It's so heartbreaking to think I could never be pregnant and I don't know why I can't.

I do have ovarian cysts, I was wondering if that's causing me to not ovulate regularly. I have 6 on my right ovary, and 3 on my left. I had a very painful ovulation this month but after it ended, I started having symptoms of pregnancy. I don't know if its because of the cysts, because of the fact that I smoke (i've tried to quit so many times).

I have very painful periods. I have severe cramps and my ovulation is always awful because I have such bad symptoms. I'm not sure what to do with myself. I want to be pregnant so bad... but I don't know how.


LIN - March 24

There is no reason to think that you can't get pregnant after just 6 months. I know it seems like a long time at this point, but in all reality 40% of women DON'T get pregnant in the first 6 months trying. That's a huge fraction. On a positive note, 80% of women do get pregnant in the first year, and if you chart your temps, that number goes up to something like 92%. I know it's easier said than done, but just try to be patient. More likely than not, it will happen sooner rather than later. Have you started charting yet? Good luck!


anja78 - March 26

I know the feeling! I have the symtoms you do as far as cysts and painful periods. It's hard not to get frustrated but so many people say that it can take awhile. But still - I do get impatient! How can you not? We have been trying since this last June. My obgyn said not to worry - if you dont get prego after a year of trying then they start looking into it more. But as far as cysts and what not, she also said that was normal and many women have them. It Should have nothing to do with getting in the way of pregnancy. Right now all of my friends are having babies or prego so it's hard sometimes being the one that isnt'. I thought I might be this mo b/c we did it every other day (like the doc said) for almost 2 weeks (which is a record!) and today I got my P. So I'm feeling bummed again. I wish you lots of luck - keep your head up!



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