Who remembers me...... greeneyedgemini616????
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greeneyedgemini616 - September 13

I lost track of everyone because I have been off the computer for so long. I am now 18.5 weeks pregnant with a little baby girl Gabriella Jean. I am trying to get back in touch with everyone to see how you all are doing and who has gotten their BFP'ssss!!!! Write me!!!


kelley32 - September 14

Hi Green ... glad to hear things are going well ... what happened to the triplets? We are all in the thread TTC Through Friendship and Support.


greeneyedgemini616 - September 14

k all find it


Ann1 - September 14

Hi Green. I was just thinking about you last night and how you went mia all the sudden!! Glad to hear that you are doing well. I am 16 weeks along now, and the dr says it is a boy. I have the level 2 u/s on Sept 25, so I should know for sure then. Assuming the dr is correct, his name will be Zane. Did you have a level 2? If so, how was it?


greeneyedgemini616 - September 14

I am now 19 weeks pg with a singleton. At 12 weeks I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum a super rare form of morning sickness. I lost 25 pounds and almost had to be put on a feeding tube. Through some serious meds and a whole lot of trying to sleep my way through it I am finally able to keep down some food and my appetite is finally getting better. The baby is doing awesome. I found out I am having a beautiful baby girl her name will be Gabriella Jean. I was advised that this pregnany has been super hard on my body and my liver is a little beat up and that I might want to think about this being my only baby. I am currently waiting for my next ultrasound to find out if my cervix is holding up good enough because they think I am showing signs of an incompetent cervix and they might need to do a cerclage. Anyways to say the least is has been incredibly hard and to top it off after I was put on bedrest for a week my boss pretty much fired me. I am just hoping to make it to the end of this pregnancy with a happy healthy baby girl and enjoy life. After all for her (my boss) I believe there is Kharma she is trying to conceive. I have my confirmation ultrasound tomorrow but they were pretty sure she had her legs wide open. I am just waiting to be farther along in case I go into labor early I know the baby will be ok. I decided not to have any genetic testing because it has been known to cause miscarriages plus the major problems they can see on an ultrasound anyways. How have you been??? How is Elyse???? Did you ever get morning sickness? Let me know I am so glad I got back in touch with you after I have been so incredibly sick the public hasn't even seen in a long time I have about 3 doctors appt a week. It keeps me super busy.


linds99 - September 14

Sounds like you have been through a lot. Although your liver may show signs of distress, that organ has a remarkable capacity to repair itself, so I wouldn't write off having more kids in the future just yet. Right now, at 18 weeks, I bet your daughter will see her birthday! That is remarkable, she is fighting with you to stay. I hope everything goes well for you.


Ann1 - September 14

How horrible all the sickness you went through! I never did get m/s. I feel really guilty saying that to you after all you went through. I have gained 10lbs so far. I am 2 over where I should be, but since I wasn't sick, that may have some to do with it. Oh well! 2 more to lose later. Elyse has been going through some tough times. She hasn't posted in a while, so I hope she is ok. She got pg through ivf with twins. She overstimmed and had a lot of blood clots. She was bleeding heavily, had an infection, and was anemic the last time she posted, but the great news was that the babies each have a heartbeat! I ended up not having the amnio, because the other tests came out so well. From my nuchal translucency test (done by u/s no risk to the baby), my Downs chances dropped to 1 in 3,500, so I didn't do the amnio with a m/c rate of 1 in 200. I am so glad I did the NT, though. It was a huge weight off my mind. I can't believe you got fired! That is very well may be illegal!!


greeneyedgemini616 - September 14

I hate my old boss and at the time I was in and out of the hospital and still going to work to get my job done my doctor finally said look you are in no shape to being doing anything but sleeping. So after my boss confronted me about I just said look my life and my babies life come way before you and your company.
Then she had the nerve to ask if I could come and train someone. I told her HELL NOOOOO!!!! I said you know what you can manage even though no one knew how to do my job. I thought it was funny. I now am on disability that I had been paying for anyway and the condition is considered to be life threatening I enjoy staying at home. dp goes to work now and I manage with the kids. All though I don't cook or clean. My mom takes me to all the doctors appts and we manage. I have another u/s tomorrow to see my little sweetie. I am so excited!!! It sucks to hear Elyse is going through so much. I can't even imagine. But at least there are two little one's getting by and hopefully they will pull through all the mess. I am glad to hear no m/s I could only wish. I swear I thought I was gonna die. The meds I am on I had to pay $2,000 for before my ins would pay the $436 a day it costs. You know they say little girls make you more sick generally I always knew my little girl was gonna be like her momma. Oh yeah the dopplar they did Tues for the heartbeat she kicked it 2 times before they could get her to settle down even the doc was laughing. I am so glad to hear you are doing so well. Sorry I am rambling. TTYL


greeneyedgemini616 - September 14

Linds99 thankyou for the support it really means a lot. The docs kept asking me if I was still looking forward to having the baby I said are you crazy after all this I want her more than ever. The funny thing is she hasn't suffered a bit her weight is perfect and she super active.


Ann1 - September 14

My work has been pretty good lately. I've only been working about 50 hours/week (slow for me). It has been nice. How far along were you when you felt her move the first time? I keep thinking that should happen anytime.


greeneyedgemini616 - September 16

Well I was a little abnormal I could feel flutters every once in awhile at 14 weeks and by 16-17 weeks I could feel her pretty steady. I am now 19 week and I can feel her all the time. Especially when I am hungry. I had my ultrasound yesterday and she had the cord tucked between her legs so they would not confirm that she was a she. I also didn't get to see her face because she had it buried. But wow she has LONG legs. they were measuring at 20.5 weeks and I was 19.1 weeks. It can out to an average measurement at 19.5 weeks so she is a little on the big side. She looks like she is running is the u/s pic with those super long legs. When is your next u/s???


Ann1 - September 17

I go in on 9/25 for my level 2. I hope they can confirm that he is a he!! My baby has been measuring big as well, but my ob/gyn said it is just because those are averages and I am 5'11" and dh is 6'2". I haven't felt any movement at all, and I am at 16.5 weeks now. I've read that it can be as long as 22 weeks for some people! Do you have any more u/ss?


greeneyedgemini616 - September 18

I am 5'7 but the donor is 6'1 so I figured the baby will be big and my tummy gets bigger and begger everyday. My dp says I make a very hot pg woman it's funny because I think I look better than I ever have. I do have another u/s scheduled for the 4th of Oct. to do another scan of baby and to check my cervical length the doctor wants to make sure I don't have an incompetent cervix.


Ann1 - September 18

Ironically after all this talk, I felt the baby move last night! I can only feel it when I am lying on my back. It happened about 10 times in a row. Then I waited a couple hours and tried it again--same thing! It felt like a light twitch. I am glad you feel so good pg. I think I look really weird. All of my body looks the same except my bbs and stomach, which makes my arms and legs look longer and skinnier. Of course my dh thinks like your dp!


greeneyedgemini616 - September 19

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I could feel the baby at first only when I laid on my back until the kicks got stronger around 18 weeks then it feels like a little fish. I thought I looked weird at first till my belly really popped out and I was noticably pg which was about 1.5 ago. I knew it was going but then all the sudden it was huge and some of my maturnity clothes got real tight in the belly. And finally it offsets my bbs which are now a 40F. They are ridiculous and they get hard just because and I get this nasty white stuff in them. I need to ask the doc why I am getting it this early. I still can't believe we are both pg and we waited so long for this to happen. Miracles do happen. Watch after you have this baby you are gonna need birthcontrol cuz you will turn into fertile murtle.It took my aunt 14 years to conceive and after the first baby it was uper easy. Glad to hear you got to feel the baby. Just wait till she kicks you by your cervix. It will feel super weird like a foot is gonna come out.


Ann1 - September 19

40F??? Good god!! What are you normally?? I have been complaining constantly because I went to a small B to a C. I think it was tough, though, because I normally don't have anything up top and now I have something--not like it was just an increase in "something." So you could just tell you are pg a week and a half ago? I haven't been able to conceal it since 10 weeks!!


greeneyedgemini616 - September 20

I am normally about a 38D. They got huge. You could tell I was pg since about 9weeks but now my belly is huge. I am talking bye bye waistline.



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