when to start counting
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kris - September 7

When do you start counting the days of your af? When you start spotting, or when you are full fledge bleeding. We are trying to get pg, and I don't know if I am pinpointing when I really ovulate.


to kris - September 7

From what I have learned, you want to count the days that you actually see blood, not the spotting days when it's a brown color. For more help with this, go to www.fertilityfriend.com and start charting your days. It's a real big pain, but it's been really helpful.Go buy a basal body temp. thermometer. I bought mine at Walgreens for $10.00. Everyday, even on the weekends, you would take your temp at the same time everyday. This helps you see around days you ovulate. And there is also places on there where you keep track of what days you have sex, what day you start your period. And you can choose between (spotting, light, medium, heavy) flow days.It has just about everything you can think of. Even has where you can keep track of the position and texture of your cervix. It all sounds really overwelming at first, but after a while, you will start to understand it better. Try it out. I guarantee you'll love how convenient and informative it is. Good luck!


merlee - September 8

I agree. Fertilityfriend.com is the best site for learning about charting BBT. Give it a try - it is free.


Ericka - September 8

"to kris" is right. You are suppose to start counting the day you see red blood, not the days of brown spotting. If you are doing this to figure out your o day, just know that all women do not o 14 days after the beginning of af. My cycle is 32 days, but I do not o until day 21. Fertility friend is great and it makes charting so easy.


Just my opinion - September 8

I think if you are looking to chart for free then yes go to fertilityfriend.com. I used it for a very long time. I have tried the VIP service and liked it better than the basic membership. I personally like tcyof.com. I tried the free 15 day trial version and loved it so much more than I ever like fertilityfriend. So I bought the software. I like it sooo much better. I paid only 39.99 for the s/w. Not even close to how much I have spent on opks and hpts. Like I said the FF VIP is ok but I liked the idea of buying software once and never having to pay again. Good luck in whatever you choose!!



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