when is cd 1 ?
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sofie - August 15

hi ladies, i have got problem here , i will have my first iui this month and Dr told me should call her when af start. yesterday around afternoon i start spoting and round 11-12 pm af start slowly to come and now she is really here ! so when is cd 1 ? yesterday or today? tanks for your help.


evy - August 15

hi sofie i guess today is your cd 1 , but you can alwsy call your dr and ask! good luck !


lifequest - August 15

Hi sofie, the answer to your question depends on what your Dr. considers your first day. My Dr. told me that cd1 is the minute I see blood, even if it's just a little spot, that would be my day 1. My girlfriend on the other hand says her day one is when it fully shows up. The best thing to do, is to call your Dr. and just mention you spotted yesturday and it came today...let him decide when your on cd1. But don't wait to long to call, in case he needs to start seeing you by cd3. Good Luck-baby dust to you.... I'm on my 3 IUI. I do ever other with injections. As of today I'm on my 2ww. All the best!


slowpoke01 - August 15

i agree with lifequest on this. but most docs consider cd1 the first day of full flow and not spotting so i would just say to call your doc and ask them about it.


angie35 - August 15

My doctor says that CD1 is when AF starts as "flow"


thayward7 - August 15

I would call your doctor, each one has a different theory! Mine says first day of flow too, BUT if the flow starts after 6:00pm, then it is considered the next day. So confusing eh!
- T


sofie - August 15

ladies i just wanted to say thanks to all of you. i called and she said today was day 1! i guess with every dr is diffrent. good luck to you all.


thayward7 - August 15

Glad you figured it out Sofie! Take Care!
- T


hara2326 - August 19

hey sofie usually your first cycle day will be the first day of spotting.



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